Thursday, November 11, 2010

of tigers and lions...


peace said...

3rd pic, WOW!! look at the water splashing from it's tail.. cool..!!

anak si-hamid said...

This is my third attempt.

I love the two 'kittens ' playing for the benefit of your camera.

I wonder how old they are. Nice to have them playing in our garden with our cats.

Thank you for the great photos

xpresi-diriku said...

love the pics when the tiger leaps out of the water.

p/s i'm back to haunt u mr mus, wahahaha, evil grin

sunnysideup said...

peace : thats one of my favourites too

AsH : thx for the comments. I dun think its a good idea because Comot might scare them away. ..When i was there last - some 4 to 5 months...i believe they just came into the world.

xdk : you can haunt me anytime. Your haunting is welcomed....Oh ..thats my favourite too..