Monday, May 31, 2010

How can you not love them !

I was having my ENG511 presentation when my phone signalled an incoming mms. In between the changing of the presenters , I took a look at the mms ---- and that made my day ! Thanks Yani !

Bukit Belachan Revisited !

So, came back to this place for a second shot and I was more prepared with my stool and tripod stand. But the haze was still there - unfortunately. Here's the results....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a disappointment !

Supposed to go to Bukit Belachan for a second shoot of the sunset with AsH. But it was raining like crazy ! Oh well....better luck tomorrow !

To Christian

This posting is for Christian who commented in my blog for the first time. Thank you for your kind comments, however after approving it, I could not trace your comments. And thank you for being a follower of this blog for sometime . If you are reading this, I would appreciate if you could give a link to your blog.

Thanks again Christian !

ps.  OK- your comments just appeared in the  'Recent Comments' in the side bar .

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Babe Dindin

Here's another post from a new student .  She's the first to start a blog ( well, she actually started hers before joining the college ) and I  reproduce her follow-up after my comments in hers !

l0vely c0mment❤
sunnysideup 提到...
Hi ! I finally found the comment slot. Nice writing. I'm not sure if you are whom I think you are in my class.

I noticed you have put my blog in your blog list. Thanks.

Anyway glad to know your blog and will be following you. Keep it up !

guess that wh0 dr0pped d l0vely c0mment f0r me?
is my l0vely lecturer!
I'm s0 s0 s0 s0 surprised that t0 get his c0mment here n found my bl0g=D
w0nder h0w him find it 0ut den><
get sh0cked f0r the m0ment
thanks ya sir
I'm 0ne 0f the student 0f yr class in group 3 den=D
a chinese gal as well with a black frame spec=D
remember it?
hope y0u will recognize me when in class den=D
cia0 f0r back t0 klang n0w..
mummy I'm back s00n=D
Her blog is

Mr Jigsaw

I would like to reproduce what Mr Jigsaw, (  one of the presenters yeaterday wrote in his blog. The sequence sounds like taken from a suspense movie...

U Made My Day..???!!!

in the end..we have finally thru with the presentation..
Hemma is the 1st to be was like 7 to 8 mins after that and she's done..(that was quick and smooth , i said to myself and at the same time i was thinkin to myself "IM DOOMED")
after a few questioning by Mr. Mus , Wira stepped up..(he looked a bit shacky at first..)
but Wira did was slow and steady..
then came along Wan with his "dope" version of presentation style..(by that moment im kinda rattled a bit and looking at Wan..LOL) then after a few mins , i couldn't stop laughing coz Wan
actually said "rumah urut" during the presentation..we all had a laugh..
then it was my time..and i did it...ehehhe

then suddenly "the 4 of u have made my day"...

that was like the most perfect phrase for the 4 of us knowing that we couldnt speak that well and fluent in english except for hemma eheh (sorry Hemma...)

it was worth it...(smiling)


Today - 27th May 2010, 8.00am.
So, today's presentation is a fairly good one. I noticed that this semester, I get better preparation level from the kids. Maybe the horror story of what I did to those who didn't got the better of them, or they are just plain more hard working. Whatever it is, my temper didn't seem to surface as it would usually !

The topic today covered, Piracy, Reading habits, Sleep, Massage by the Blind and Dieting Patterns of Malaysians.

Highlight of the day was when one of the presenters who was talking about 'Sleep', defined 'sleep' and 'coma' as :-
Coma---you are unconscious physically and mentally.
Sleep --- you are physically unconscious but mentally you can have WET DREAMS !!!! ( I swear this is true !)

I leave it to your imaginations ! Here are photos but the photo of the first presenter is so bad that I can't produce it here.

on Piracy

on Massage by the Blind

..some of the audience ( the girl in the foreground presented 'Dieting Patterns "

..the 'Sleep' presenter..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Third session of ENG 511 presentation !

Today, 25th. May 2010, 10.00 am.Thank you for an enjoyable session of presentations kids. You made my day ! I appreciate the level of preparation that you all have put in. It showed so well.

The plus ?

You all were spontaneous using the slides not as a reading material but as a cue card. You all knew your facts ! You answered my rather critical questions convincingly. You all were cool, calm and collected, showing a level of English which was a surprise and unexpected. Even Miss Yani was rather surprised and I believed , impressed .

Not only that, I was 20 minute early and the first presenter cam in just after me and the presentation started at 10.00 am sharp. The transition between presenters was short , quick and smooth !

The topics were interesting , that is, Animal Experimentation. Should it be stopped ? , Pot-smoking. Black Metal, Botox and so on.

Well done . This would be a tough act to follow !

on Animal Experimentation
on The prospects of new artists in Malaysia


on Black Metal 

on Botox 

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Faces at the Intermediate/advanced Classes

Here are just some of the 100 new faces in the above class of  5 weeks.....

There were others but I could not get a good shot of them.... maybe another time....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

For AsH

Since you like that cat , here's another one of the same cat .....

KL - after dusk.......

When the twilight is gone and no songbirds are singing
When the twilight is gone you come into my heart