Saturday, October 31, 2009

The best day of my life --- this week ! !

Sunnysideup logbook.  Friday 30th October was becoming a day to be forgotton. ! My last two postings say it all.

Then ,last night at 8.33pm --- a savior in a form of an sms came . After an exchange of messages, it was set ! Catch the sunrise atop Genting Highland the next day ! Thank you my friend ! You made my day !

The plan was set. We were to meet at 6.00 am the next morning and hope to be 'up there' way before 7.00am for the sun-rise. So come the next morning, I set out at about 5.30 am , top-up my petrol tank and by 5.50am , I was parked outside the lift lobby waiting for my companion on this first ever early venture.

Well, as the pic shows, the rain came. Oh no ! I screamed in my head. This would be the second time when it rained on our trip to catch the sun from Genting. It may not be a 'sunnysideup' after all..

Sharp at six , the lift opened and soon we were on the way.

No sir ! We were  undeterred. We will get up there. We will take those photos - be it the sun or the rain..
We continued our way. No rain was going to stop this trip. And how it rained ! I have never driven this slowly before but the sense of adventure was all set . I wish I could capture that feeling and spirit on camera . The highway somehow looked kind of different in the darkness and in the rain. There were a ew cars and lorries on the move but they were also crawling and its good to feel safe inspite of the situation.

We convinced ourselves that it would be OK up there. We''ll probably be driving through the rain clouds and then we'll have our sunrise in all its glory !

And ....hallelujah !!...when we reached the turning to the road up to Genting, the rains stopped ! It really did !The road was dry ! Gave a shout and my spirit was lifted....not that it was ever down. Soon, the mist was setting in. Good thick mist ! My headlights was actually just hitting a grey wall....and I'm not exaggerating !

But the adrenalin was racing . Still the weather was fine . My wind-screen was drying. And after an exhilarating drive , we reached the first level of the highland. I turned into a carpark and just had to get out of the car to enjoy the fresh and cold air. I LOVE IT !!!!! This is actually my first experience to be here so early in this wonderful weather. Took out the A300 and got the first two shots below. Words cannot describe my

feeling at that moment. The mist and the  fine tiny droplets of water on the face is just what I needed all this while.

Anyway , we moved on and soon found a parking  lot .  ......and by that time.....yes the rain came. But our spirits was never down. It simply added on to the excitement. With wind-breaker, cap, hood and jacket, we made our way to the spot which is the best to catch the sunrise. But the rain was getting heavier.

Nope, we were as excited as ever , made our way to the lobby of the First Hotel and did some indoor photography and later for a chat over a much needed hot cup of tea while waiting for the rain to stop.

Soon we were up and about and had some good shots. We had a garden walk with a fantastic view to match, a few good shots of colourful flowers ( where I dropped my cap in the drain ) , some good shots from a bird's eye view of the Indoor Theme Park, some great colourful shots which are not posted yet and here are some of them.

Would I do it all over again ? Without a doubt I would ....with even more and some !

The Garden

Those are just some of the almost 200 shots. All in has been a very good day inspite of the rain because it actually made the atmosphere better and we actually got both sides of the weather --- what more can we ask for !!! ...... with all that  the weather has thrown in for us, its still sunnysideup...

Friday, October 30, 2009




Boredom with a capital 'B'

The very mood I'm in .....


Night Hunt - revisited !

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Japanese Street Blues ...2

This is a mean street blues ! They look so cool and simply play for the fun of playing. If I were there , I'd probably hang around throughout their performance !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Japanese Street Blues Band !

How cool is this ha ? The Onuman Brothers Band doing Steve Ray Vaughan's 'Couldn't Stand The Weather'. Love the informality . Ignore the sound quality, the music's pretty cool and considering its in the open street, the recording's pretty good, and you can tell they enjoy playing.

Night Hunt 3... revisited !

Compliments from jonyB here are shots of how I captured some of the photos of the KLCC towers. The first one was a reflection of me  whilst shooting, and I got shot by jony..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My coming trip to Singapore....down memory lane....

6th November 2009, 9.00am, I'll be leaving for Singapore on the Aero-Line coach service . (using my new passport for the first time....yahoooo!)According to my expired passport, my last trip there was on 30th May 2000.  So it has been eight and a half years.!!

There are a few things I need to do and probably more things I want to do ! Oh well, we mustn't be greedy now must we ? BUT , one thing is definitely, my trusty Sony A300 will be busy !

Now, first , I want to visit my late Abah and late brother's relocated graave plots. I look forward to this and I know its going to be an emotional visit.  Next a trip to my old primary school and the old Pasir Panjang Road where I grew up, and Pasir Panjang Hill where I was born..

I want to see the changes that time and absence has brought to these places and to many more.

Behind my Pasir Panjang Secondary School , is a rocky beach which we boys used to settle our differences by having a fight on the beach after school. Words would spread befor the school ended and we would all flock to the beach after school. A big circle would be formed and the fight would always be on a one-to-one basis, never a gang fight. Yes , we had pride and honour !What did we fight about ? It could be anything ! Revealing somebody's secret, telling the teachers about somebody's misdeeds, jealousy, girls (which was a common reason).

A visit to Queenstown, Tanglin Halt, where my friends used to stay. Friends who were band  members and where we used to practice just about every other day after school! hmmmm... would be nice if I could contact them.

Of course , old friends , girl friends -  both casual and special. Guess the very few people here who knew my life back  there would know ! Naw...I'm dreaming.... But I would really really like to visit is Boon Lay Place ----my last place of residence in Singapore .

Yes ! Yes ! I'll be putting all these on digital memories when I get back !!!!