Sunday, February 28, 2010

Next Project for Sunnysideup production ... ?

Even before the bowling lanes needs oiling , the mind is already working onthe next possible project .Looks like this time its going to be a trip. ....But to where ? hmmmm.... Singapore ? Penang ? Langkawi ? But most likely it would be Cameron Highlands.

Reason ? Because that was in the plan before but never really did took off for one reason or the other. Personally, that would be one  helluva  trip for photography as well !

Preliminary studies have been made and it looks pretty encouraging. Anyway ....lets see.......

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm not a cool cat !

Saturday morning. Taman Tasik Titiwangsa . Another hot day ! I arrived there at about 10.00 am. Still there were joggers ,but somehow , I wasn't inspired at all.  Giving up the idea of a good morning session of photography, I returned to my car, and decided to drive to the other side of the park ! Yes Leas---I abandoned the idea of walking and getting a good exercise---not in this weather anyway . However, the sweat I was getting just being in the park would have been enough I guess.
Anyway, there was not much difference in terms of photography subject,  until I saw this cat taking a nap under the shade of a tree in an escape from the sweltering heat. That's it ! My 'victim'. The cat was patient with me. Ever once in a while , it would give me a disgusting look, that 'get out of my face' look !  I stalked it when it started moving away . But it was just patronizing me. Once in a while it, would turn, looked at me and gave me a look just to excite me to  aim my camera to get a good shot. It does this quite often. It was actually a game, as it allows me to stalk it. And when I made no move to follow it, it stopped and gave me that 'come-on' look.  I swear this is true. I finally followed it to a car-park and it settled under a car. Game Over !

'Having a quiet nap'
" 'ello ! who's this ?"

" Go away ! "
 ' Stop following me ---you...cameraman, you !'

' heres my cat walk. Now go away !'

'Try following me through this ! '

'You still here ?"

'I'm telling you, its game over !'

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a Show !

On one of our visits to the zoo, we were lucky to time it with this show. This is the first ever that I had the opportunity to watch such a show. I can't imagine how Man can train an animal to do what he wants. In one way, are we also trained to do what (by whoever) our 'trainer' wants us to do without realizing it ? hiisshh ....perish the thoughts !!!....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just For Fun !

Just having fun with the photos !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks to LadyEtheL for bringing the above to my  attention. I have put a link at my sidebar for the benefits of the many followers who are into photography !

Printed results ...

Here's the first of  three printed results. This one in on the individual scores for each session.

Me and my helpers !

Taking a breather with Leas  after being on the job  since Friday !

With Sheila before the prize-giving and taken by Leas !

Photos 3

Photos 2