Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A crystal ball in the sky !

Took this tonight and didn't have to go far either ! Just in the garden !

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Presentation tips....

This is that time of the semester again. Presentations, presentations and more presentations ! To everyone involved I hope this would be useful. These tips are only meant to be your guide, not the answer !


1.Keep the presentation style simple and clean.

2.No more than five bullet points per slide. They should all be  equally spaced apart.

3.Write your script THEN prepare the slides to back it up. This way it's easier to prepare slides that support your presentation rather than the slides becoming the presentation.

4.Each time you display a new slide, stop talking and allow a few moments for your audience to absorb the content BEFORE you say a word. When you start to speak they will be ready to listen to you, you will not be competing with the slide for their attention..

5.Never read directly from the slides and never talk to the slides.

6. Face your audience when you  speak.

7.Check the qualities of your slides.

·        Can it be read clearly from the back of a room?

·         Do the colours work as well when it's projected?

·         Does the presentation work well in all lighting conditions?

·        Are my slide TOO ‘WORDY’ ! ( too much words)

8.Do not be controlled by the number of slides but rather work on the time allowed for you to do you presentation. ( in this case 8-10 minutes)

9.‘Budget’ the time allocated to you .  If you have 10 minutes for example:-

  • Introduction 10% of 10 minutes
  • Content  60% of 10 minutes
  • Conclusion/recommendation 30%

10.Position yourself at the side so that you can command a view from the screen to the audience just by turning you head, NOT your body! 

11.NEVER speak in a boring monotone! Make suitable adjustment to your voice volume according to the size of the audience and room. 

12.Keep eye-contact with your audience. ( Forget about the old theory of looking at the back wall if you’re nervous….that do not work anymore !!!!)

13. Practice your presentation. Concentrate on your first couple of minutes when you are at your most nervous stage. Then work on your ending, as the first and the last impressions are equally important. 

14. Get a friend to proof-read your slides ! 


ps. If you have other tips and suggestion , feel free to write in the comments !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Patterns by design....

Sat by the window of room 01-09 while waiting for the students to turn up.....and these caught my eye !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm still around.

Yes...I've been missing for sometime and I have received messages and smses asking where I've been. No, I'm not giving excuses. But with 26 teaching hrs a week and with two classes of 5- odd students.... its riduculously difficult. So I have been more active with the FB because its more of a hit-and-run sort of relationship with that network.  But , my photography goes on.....if anything I have stepped it up. I'll start by posting these three.

Oh no ! My computer's screwed up. I couldn't use Mozilla or Opera, ONLY Explorer. Tried to upload the photos, and it just wouldn't. Damn virus ! Looks like reformatting time !