Thursday, December 31, 2009

2nd morning at the balcony.

So, the second morning and I was still waiting for that elusive squirrel. I was lucky this time but not altogether happy with the results.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From my balcony in the morning !

I'm on leave again, and I don't start work until next year ! Yahoo !!!

Woke up this morning feeling good but not good enough to get out and take some photos. So , instead stood at the balcony and hoped to get a good shot of any of the squirrels that run about in the garden. So far I have been trying to get them the last few months. They were either too fast or I was too slow !

Anyway I was ready with the A300, but instead only a few birds came and stood on the branches. Oh well--- better than nothing I guess.


Photo-hunt on New Year Eve !!!!

I would love to do some photo-hunting on that night. For sure there will be a firework display . The problems are :
  • Will it be at Dataran Merdeka or KLCC ?
  • Driving on that night would only be a waste of time because of the expected massive traffic jam
  • Taking the train will be 'hell to pay' as the crowd can be a little rowdy and high spirited and I wouldn't take the risk of damaging my camera
 There was a time when a group of students took the train to be at the KLCC to celebrate the eve, and the train was so packed that it broke down and they spent the new year eve in the train ! I don't really fancy such an experience !

Probably the best thing to do is to look for a high-rise spot ( could be a hill or a high-rise building) not too far from the city-centre  .

Anybody having any plan to go photo-hunting that night ? Or can anyone suggest a good vantage point outside the city-centre to photograph the fireworks ?

Maybe I might park the car at the Setiawangsa station and risk a short journey to KLCC..........maybe..............maybe..................( wish I'm in Singapore ....)

Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm feeling much better today although a little weak. The coughing is still there but at least I had a good sleep last night. Have not been doing any photography either and I do not think I am up to going anywhere too.

So after dinner , decided to do the lights in my house , since I think I have run out of still life objects .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

An offer from ph !

Anonymous ph said...
If you and Helas were here, i'll take both of you to meet my Sifu. He'll stick a few needles here and there and you will be feeling brand new.
December 27, 2009 2:26 PM

When ph found out that both helas and I are down with fever (check above from previous posting) , came an offer to bring us to her sifu . Then a few needles in our head would put us right. I can;t help ( inspite of my condition ) imagining what we would look like.

Perhaps like this ? heheheh.

or, like this,

My third morning !

4.30am Sunday morning. My third morning of misery. My blocked nose woke me up and see no point in trying to sleep when I can't. Went to the kitchen, put the kettle on and soon just having mugs of hot plain water,

Next, turn on Astro and watched all the re-runs of According to Jim, Friends, How I met your Mother and so on.

Was feeling the chill so wrapped myself in blanket and just sat in the easy chair feeling so uneasy !

Every cough brought terrible pain to the throat and got to do something to keep my mind off this misery. Whatelse can it be than to blog.......sighhhh.....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

'A Walk To Remember "...sob ! sob ! hoooo boy !

Had nothing to do in the afternoon, well, there are, lots and lots and lots, but the condition I was in, I thought I'd just watch a movie.

So compliments frm aying sometime ago, I went through the list and randomly picked 'A Walk To Remember' . Just about half way through, I could see where it was taking me. But heck ! with my mood and condition I was in, I let it run. Boy--- what a love story ! A sad one at that too !

It's a 2002 film and starred Shane West and Mandy Moore. Its soooo sad and touching and I so want to be cured of this flu !!

I don't know if any of you have watched it !

Its one of those 'the girl dies at the end of the movie' type.

In my hour of need .......

More boring news of my never-going flu ! Last night, for the first time after 3 days, my body built up a fever. At about 12.30am, I got up,took 2 paracetamol and went to sleep.

I had a dream at about 2.30am and later at about 4.00am. Both dreams were similar in the sense that my dear cat Mana came to me . In both dreams I was cuddling him with his soft thick fur as I used to do and I felt good.Iin fact in both dreams, I didn't even remember that he had actually died some 4 to 5 years back. (check my old postings).. In my second dream I actually took him for a drive to bring him home.

In fact I realised that Mana had come to my dreams only this morning when I was having breakfast.

Whats so significant about these dreams ? Well, I don't care whether you believed this or not.

But when he was still with us, he would always be with me whenever I was sick. He would be lying down beside me, not going anywhere and putting my hands on his body always made me feel better.  Thi had been going on since I left the hospital after my heart attack when he was still a kitten. He was actually giving me the comfort and solace for almost 13 years of his life.

 And last night, he gave me that comfort again......

This strange bond worked both ways. Whenever he was sick , he would looked for me with his pleading eyes for comfort . there were times when I took my annual leave just to be with him at home until he gets better. In his last day with us, I spent every night with him in the hospital , just sitting in front of his cage, held him and talked to him.

Such is the love between us.

..and last night, somewhere, somehow, he knew that I needed him...and he came. In fact, the last few days I wasn't even thinking of him.

Mana oh my Mana ! I miss you so.......

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mus the red-nosed moose !!

Yup---that's how I feel. What with the runny nose, the sneezing, the sniffing and the nose-blowing and rubbing ! The bloody nose is red half the time I'm awake !!!(hmmmm--that rhymes !) Couldn't lie down because each time I do, my nose got blocked and its not easy getting to sleep in a sitting position ! Now the coughing starts !! Oh well...........and a-sniffing and a-blowing and a-sneezing and a-rubbing each time I sneezed or coughed , I felt like antlers (or even horns ) growing out of my head !!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A repeat of December 2008.

DRAT ! Looks like its an encore from December 2008 . Last year at this time I was down with flu  for two weeks .Although now  it is  not as bad , still , what a way to finish my annual leave !! My eyes are watery, throat burning, body uncomfortable,nose runny ( meleleh...) head throbbing AND my markings not totally done. Oh well -- sniff sniff sniff ! (...and I'm not crying ...)...BUT...I can still blog !!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still Life --- 3

Again--could not sleep last night while nursing a flu. So took it away by playing around with the A300..Photos not good because of the shaking hands ....still....

Sneezes and sniffles !!!

Oh boy ! What an evening yesterday was. I was servicing the air-cons and as expected, the dust got into my nostrils ! Normally I would put on a mask but made an exception that time . Biiiig mistake !!!

After half an hour, my sneezing session started ! About 30 sneezes - one after another ! That was enough to make me sweat . I was so knackered after that. Then a reprieve of about 20 minutes , and the sneezing came again. I could not talk because of the coming sneeze. It was like taking a few very short and quick breaths as if a sneeze was coming. But it never did. But once you start it, it will continue for a few million times.

Then the next stage - the worst ! The nose block ! I could only breathe through my mouth. Then a few stray sneezes and the blocked cleared ---- for a while.

Later at night, I couldn't sleep . I could only napped in a sitting position . I'm still nursing a runny nose.

Well thats my boring encounter with the dust . Oh, by the way, cigarette smoke sometime does that to me too ! sniff ! sniff ! atishoooo ! atishooo ! atishooo !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Petronas to sponsor F1 Mercedes'.........(2)

This was actually my reply to comments but thought since I got carried away, might as well pit (pardon the pun,the error was unintentional,  I meant 'put') it up as a posting !

'yes---maybe, but f1 is SOOOO unpredictable ! Look at BMW--- 2 years ago they were really moving up as 'the best of the rest'....and look what happened last season.....they got screwed big time !...what an embarrassment for  a manufacturer that has been involved in so many other motor sports. Look at Brawn, a newbie, yet they came in out of nowhere and shocked the F1 world ! It used to be Williams, Mclaren and Ferrari as the top 3. But all of a sudden, Williams was struggling like a novice a few years ago, and this went on until last season when they put up a more decent show.  Look at Toyota, used to be very very successful in the WRC, but a flop in F1. Red Bull, with no traditional racing record, did well last season.

So this time around  my money is on LOTUS !!!!! They might not be in the front but hell !!! they will kick some butts.

Oh ...two years ago Mercedes (or McLaren  with Mercedes engine) was just crap...and I'm hoping they will repeat it again next season (sorry aying) and this is the first time that Merc is coming up  with their own F1 chassis too!!!! ( see what happened to BMW ?, after they left Williams .)

Bring it on F1...entertain the world !'

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Petronas to Sponsor Mercedes F1 Team "

I just found this news here . For the love of anything I sometimes wonder what is happening ! I mean what with the Malaysian-owned Lotus F! team or the 1Malaysia F1 team coming in , why do we need two organizations in the F1 circus ?

After all the Lotus is backed by Air Asia and Proton ! Why can't it be an all-Malaysian team ? After all, as in the news, both Air Asia planes and Proton cars fill up their tanks with Petronas fuel ! I wonder sometimes what the PM is going to do or say about this. Business interest as to against National interest.

This is an interesting situation.

The third driver of the Lotus team used to be aponsored by Petronas, World class rally driver Karamjit Singh and Alex Yoong never tasted a sen of sponsorship from the Malaysian giant.

Hmmmmmm..... Imagine a Malaysian-owned Lotus car zooming around together with another Malaysian sponsored Mercedes .... Malaysia boleh?  Boleh what ? No no no ! My own opinion is that this is a big 'sik-boleh' !!!

 Never mind, maybe with the yearly massive profit that Petronas makes, maybe they can sponsor both teams !

Oh well - my two cents worth......

.....Its still life for the next few weeks !

Normally , my mate would be the poor  subject of my consistently erratic photography mood ! My back-pack goes with me wherever I go and at anytime, usually the weirdest time, I would take the A300 out and  thus begin a spontaneous spree of snapping photographs, and usually the life subject would be eating or drinking or dreaming or reading or phoning --- well just about everything ! Poor thing ! My collection includes moods of being happy, dreamy, cheeky, serious, glaringly furious, hunger, purpose-pose, stolen shots ...well to name a few.
However for the next few weeks I would have to content myself fully on still life. And my first victim - the guitar and its parts .
 Oh wellllll.....


More close-ups.

This was done last night at about 1.00am.