Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of birds, buildings and boredom !

Showing off the ant it caught for lunch.

it was actually playing with me. Prancing about and hopping behind a trr. When i looked for it, it came out on the other side . When I didn't look fot it, it hopped out to find me. Cheeky devil !

You watching my back huh !

I was so bored during lunch hour today. So packed my trusty camera and took a walk down the road. I must be crazy ! I really have no idea what to snap and was kind of hoping something exciting happening when I have my camera with me....but no such luck. So........

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So..Apparently the much hailed Hot-Air Balloon Show is nothing more than a lot of hot air leaking from them balloons…to me anyway.

I was excited about going and double-checked my camera equipment and confirmed the meeting time with my friends. We met sharp at 9.00am and arrive at the show site around 10.15am. Fine, I could take the lack of notices and signages to show the site of the show. But we still managed to find the site and a parking lot.

I went to last year’s show as well and there were interesting shapes and colours of balloons to be seen, and what’s more, I arrived at about the same time too. It was based on this experience that I came this year.

Anyway, the balloons we saw were those normal small ones used to lift ‘passengers’ to a hundred feet or so and down to earth again. A few gliders were floating about. A helicopter was making trips giving passengers a ride……and……lots and lots and lots of stalls selling their wares…from small cartoonic helium-filled balloon to t-shirts and umbrellas. In short …it was a fun-fair.


I walked about with my friends looking for an information kiosk….ad as expected….it was so bloody difficult to find!! Quite by chance, we found it. My question to the person in charged was ...”Where’s the show?” …he look puzzled and said, ‘here…here.’….I replied, ‘I dun want those balloon show..(Pointing to a stall selling those little balloons for kids).’

Then he said…’Oh you mean the hot –air ballons ?’ ( ????????????). What do you say to that?? He further replied that they have flown away early in the morning at about 7.00am!!!!!....and will only be back at 5.00pm….WTF! WTF! WTF!

5.00pm ??? ppssssssssttttttttttt…I could feel the hot air escaping !!!

By the way I checked their web-site many times but there was no programmes of the show.

So to the organizers of this year’s show…… you guys can all bend over and let all the hot air out…because that’s what you all are… A LOT OF FREAKING HOT AIR !!!!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

just testing..

drop by drop...

Couldn't sleep so got up at six in the morning to try something I've always wanted to do....