Monday, August 31, 2009

Mana under a microscope !

I happen to find an old diary, turned the pages and I found this 'statistics'.

It was written by my youngest daughter in 1998 and she was about 8 years old. Mana . our beloved cat who was about 4 years old,, was obviously 'under a microscope' and I could just imagine him lying down quietly entertaining Hanna by being quiet and letting her do all the measurement.

I cannot imagine how she measured 'Lebar mulut' and 'panjang misai ', the longest left whiskers, shortest left whiskers , and then the other side..., Mana's left eye, then the right .

Now, on second thought of course, she could also be sitting ON the struggling Mana while measuring him.

Mmmmm. good thing she's doing Law instead of Veterinary Science 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Once Upon A Time ......5

Lets get back to the 'Steps-sitters'. There are three permanent members whilst any other person are just guests.

Now , theres Mr A, Mr F and Mr R alias Mr K.  Of these three, Mr K is the only one who has so lost in one type of game to Misty and Aktif.. Mr K was either too smart or too afraid to get himself involved in a second type of game. Word has it that he is still recovering from the first game. Poor guy !

The writer has also found out that the other two are secretly practicing for a possible rematch. That is good ! At least they are not giving up hope.  But should there be a re-match, it is probable that the Karachi 'Kue' (Cue) Killer shall be partnering Mr Might because apparently they gave Mr A and his partner a plastering with strategy that left them helpless.

That was the match when Mr Might did not live up to his name----he did not panicked.

Now the re-match would be something to look forward to .

Now lets go to the section on the birds and the bees.

Apparently, wedding is in the air. Love knows no boundary, for love is blind and lovers cannot see. Not only can't this particular see through their spring time fog , but they couldn't see the reality of the academic life. It was heard through the grapevine that they even wanted the final examination to be brought forward because they have made -  now, take a load of this - plans to get married!!??

This sounds like it had been taken out of a comedy movie. Can anyone ever imagine asking a University authority to have their exams ( and its Finals too !) brought forward because of a wedding plan? The mind boggles !!! Really it is too funny and you can only laugh at such monstrosity and idiocy .
Imagine a notice from the University that goes something like this.

This is to inform students that the Final Examination for this semester which has been scheduled for September as per the Academic Calendar has been brought forward from 3rd. September to 27th August. 
This change is due to the fact that two of our students are getting married .
                                                                      .The Management.
It was reliably learned that there were cases of " re-sits ' but NEVER "pre-sits" -- unless maybe, and only maybe , perhaps an overseas student who had to fly home because of pressing family emergencies . 
So , now will there be request to bring forward a final exam because of birthday celebration or holiday trips ? ....that is life's comedy !
(What ? you're wondering if this is true ? What ? who is that couple ?---ahhh truth IS stranger than fiction !  Can anyone give the English translation to the BM saying 'Pelik Tapi Benar ? Heres a clue.  " w.........  b.....    t.........".  Oh --no prize for the winner....but on second thought... maybe you get to delay your final exams to any date you like .....well, howzzat ??
Look out for more news ........... yessss... that break again....)

The Mystery and Intrigue Continues.....



Saturday, August 29, 2009

Once Upon A Time ......(4)

 Now, all the programmes here are run on a tight schedule. Understandably, staff and students alike are under a lot of stress ( so they say ). In fact at times, it can be liken to a pressure cooker.

Let us talk about the studentss. They have five assignments in 8 weeks of studies before a final. They have projects to complete, and of course the usual 'growing-up' kids problems too. To top it , apparently some of them also have problrm back in their hostels.

Yes indeed, at certain time of the semester, you do get zombies coming in and out out of the lifts . Its stress, pressure , schedules, date-lines, and lecturers, and lecturers and lecturers !!!

Yes three of the source of stress for them come from the lecturers ! You see, relationship between staff ( those mentioned earlier) and students is close. There is good rapport and no one could ask for a better situation than KLMU. You see, staff and students work together and PLAY together.

They had good bashing at each other ( all in good spirit though) on the blogs or real life --- but it os all in good clean fun.

Of course , the usual expectation to submit assignments and complete projects on time exist as it should. , but this, they expected and accepted all the time.


Apparently, games are part of their activities and friendly competition with the staff  go on a regular basis.  However , it is said that constantly losing to a few members of the staff in various games seems to be the cause of it.

In fact, there is a theory that this might have resulted in a group of them who regularly sit  on the main steps leading to the front door of KLMU .

Now, in the next episode, these students will be introduced.

So have a kit kat break or two ....because  there are other groups of students and lecturers  to be told. I am sure you would it even more interesting about ...about love , marriage, exams  , the birds, and the trees, the flowers, and the bees ........



Once Upon A Time ....3

Ahhhh....I see this tale has begun to whet the appetite of some of us. But of course, there are silent readers -- nervously biting their nails ( hey ! its Ramadan - in case you haven't noticed !) and wondering if their secrets will be revealed.

Lets go on. There's another member of the staff who seems to have been there since way back when . He is Mr. Misty. To recognize him, look for the one who walks about and ever so often , would be bowling an imaginary bowling ball as if perfecting his already perfect skill. ( heheheh)( any similarity to the writer is purely incidental ant intentional !)

You may well ask , isn't there a female staff in this set-up ? There are --many ! But lets just highlight one. Some call her a heart-breaker because . The male students love her. You want to recognize her ? Just look out for a female lecturer running in very short steps. If you can imagine a Japanese girl in tight kimono trying a 100 meters dash ----that's her - Ms Yen .

There are others but the above mentioned would be enough for the purpose of this tale. In the next posting, it would be on the main characters - the students of Key Linear Management University. someone hinted....time for a kit-kat break ............

Once upon a time ....(2)

Before this tale unfold further, it is better to make the usual protective announcement that this has got nothing to do with anything/anyone/zombies/Romeos/Juliets/ Romeos and Juliets (there's a distinct difference between this and the two formers) that are dead, alive or in limbo.

This is a tale of a figment of my imagination (sic) and creativity ( lol! ) and if by chance it struck a sour note note with any of the above being, intentionally or intentionally ( yes, I knoe , I'm repeating---but thats intentional !) ---it is merely and sincerely coincidental.

So---what is this going to be about ? Well , in short, anything and everything ! Whats that ? - you may say ..... well read on....

KLMU is no exception in evrey sense when compared to other organization where mortals and freaks alike live together -- even if its only for some hours a day !

Two main groups here --- the teaching staff, and the students. Within each of these groups you find many sub group and even sub-sub groups. (ahhh ---I can see you licking your upper lips in anticipation of some plots, schemes, controversy, conspiracy and so on. ) Well lets see if that will happen.

Now , some of the characters in the teaching staff.

One of the courses is lead by Mr Might (people do wonder if his name it is related to see his build) Mr Might is the better Manager of this programme when compared to his predecessor. It is heard that some call him Mr Panic. But let us see later.

Then , there's Mr Aktif. It is funny how some names fit the characteristics----and some DON'T. You see , Mr Aktif is far from active. He loves his sleep. Some say that sometimes he got his dreams and reality all mixed up.

(ok...commercial break...) be continued.....

Once upon a time.....

....there was a university in the Neverneveland called Key Linear Management University or KLMU for short.

This story is about one of the academic wings in the university .Courses provided are mainly IT based with the exception of a business-based programme.

Now, this institution is unique in a sense that it provides professional courses and students can graduate in a relatively short period of time.

KLMU is a small university by comparison and this department that this story is based on is the Comprehensive-Courses-for-Specialists Programme department or CCSP for short. be continued

Friday, August 28, 2009

STP - Stone Temple Pilot's Interstate Love Song.

What a great song !

Dat Phan again...

You got to listen to this !

The Ten Commandments -- an unsurpassed movie classic !

And what a classic that was. I was but 11 when Abah, who was so excited over the movie , brought the famuly for a treat at the Cathay cinema.

The Ten Commandments, then was the equivalent of any present big-name movie ! Cecil B D Mille , an odd name then and probably still is to us, became a house-hold name. Everybody was talking about the cinematography of the Red Sea 'splitting' open so that Moses could bring his people across to safety from the pursuits of the cruel Pharaoh and his armies.i believe Cinerama technology was also first introduced in this film .

Oh it has its effect on the audience. It was nail-biting during the scene when Moses' people were asked to put up a sign at their door because something was going to happen to the others --- the sweeping death , as it took away the lives of the of the other side.

But I think one of the most profound effect it had ( on me anyway ) is the history lessons. But --- what a classic !

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I saw a Rock Concert last night !! ....THIS concert !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Evening with an artist !

This evening, I was 'sms'ing with a friend and out of it, I decided to go to my sister's house to photograph some items that I've always wanted to write about.

Anyway, this is not it. This is only a preview of things to come. Iain, my brother-in-law is a modest artist who doesn't talk much about his talent .But really, in the past, other than lecturing in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and UK universities, he is a very talented artist and craftsman AND also a collector of gems , rocks and fossils. Believe you me. I have seen his work and collection..

He once found a piece of wood at a construction site. Just an old ugly and used piece of wood with a 4" nail still sticking out. However, what he did to the other end of the wood is nothing short of a miracle. What was once part of that used ugly wood , has been turned into a work of beauty. The texture, the grain the rich tone of the wood --have been brought out . Anyway see the above photo.

He did the same with the stem of a rose plant from their house garden in UK. ( see photo below)

His knowledge of the rocks, stones and fossils also resulted in an array of interesting collection. The other photo here shows part of a fossilized tree that has actually become a rock. In fact that small 'wood' weighs 600 grams.. (future postings)

Anyway, there'll be more picture but this time with better explanation .

Now---I have not come to their antiques....

dat phan of 'last comic standing' fame !

Love this American vietnamese comedian.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speak Softly Love ---The Godfather I

One of the best movies I've ever watched, played by two of my most favourite male actors - Marlon Brando with his unique slurs and voice and Al Pacino with his one in a millionth of thousands of facial expression.

The Godfather I -- with a soundtrack which has been, still is, and I know will continue to be, my most favourite of sound tracks --"Speak Softly Love " --- also my late Abah's favourite.

(I don't know if you remember this Nor !) There was a time whenever I came back home in JB (were working in Singapore then...), this song would be played on the Denon turntable--by no other than my late dad. He would be sitting on this big red settee that we had, and would just sat there grinning ear to ear !Heck - that man  gave us this love for music !

The song was sung by Andy William I wanted the scenes from the Godfather.thus the extra clip, ....must look for the dvd now. What a marvellous song, the piano, the mendolin ....the lyrics...

From the Mail-box !

Recycled Parrot..
Moments later, the woman's husband Keith
Came home from work.
The bird looked at him & said,

'Hi Keith'

Monday, August 24, 2009

The aftermath !

This morning, 3rd. Ramadan , I left my house at about 6.50 am for work.  I had to pass through the site of the Pasar Ramadan, and.....what a sight !! I have never seen this place so downright filthy !

Used coconuts were piled by the road-side,  litter was strewn everwhere, plastic bags, even food were all left on the road or by the roadside !

We had this in previous years but there was always a cleaning contractor working immediately after the breaking of the fast ..... and by 8.00pm the place would be clean except for the stalls---which were acceptable.

But --this morning ? It was unacceptable by any standard. Thats what happend when the holy month of Ramadan has been over-commercialized ! Negligence, greed and carelessness leads to this sorry state. I just hope the local authority would step in and do something. If they are the ones who issued the licence to these food hawkers, then it is their responsibilities to safe guard the cleanliness of the environment !

This morning, I stopped the car and took some photos....and these photos were too kind to them !!It looked worse than that !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A-little-happier-than-last-night's photos

More at you-know-where.

Is there life in photography ?

So, its been two weeks since I got involved with my old love again -- photography , that is.Its been two glorious weeks of occupying myself with activities which I could actually do on my own - just like golf eh ? heheheh.

I surprise myself indeed - not with my skill ( or the lack of it ) as a photographer , but with my determination to seriously go into it. Other than the trips that I made ( and future as well), I am amazed that I would stubbornly do something until I am truly satisfied with it. Yesterday I walked two kilometers  on my own ,just looking for subjects to photograph..I would never have done that much exercise -- not now anyway , still , here I am ! This weekend proves that.

I also surprised myself that I could eye such details. I found that I appreciate more creation of nature and become more observant and sensitive to its 'artistic' creation.  There's so much to see. Just now , I was watching a programme on Taiwan and one of its off-shore islands. The sea, the cliff, the stone houses, the steep steps , the winding pavement that leads to the village on the cliff---all these I noticed as if they had been framed in my view finder !

Even shadows and hanging branches become meaningful . For God's sake - its only two weeks. Maybe  my characteristic of going all out on something I love ! ...maybe. Photography has given me life in its own peculiar way....

hmmm... the night shots I did last night were rubbish. Tonight..... must correct them......why not ! ( see what I mean )

Taman TT revisited.

Again more in you-know-where. I wasn't completely happy with yesterday's results so I went back for more today !

Saturday, August 22, 2009


...and nights too..

Just trying out night shots and not too happy about it. Anyway a lot more to learn about manual operation but getting there. More at you-know-where. my photoblog

I see something funny about this notice. Can my BM tutor tell me if I am wrong?

Quite a different view from here.


go here for more...

My photoblog.

I have started a photoblog at ,, where I have selected-photos from my walk-abouts.

Reflections and lines....

why am I thinking of some korean drama scenes in this ?

I like the reflection of the long line of trees

My usual favorite composition---the 's' tracks.

The lines created by the steps attracted me.

Still on lines---this time by the chromed pipes

...and more..

Saturday morning. Had a good dinner with good company the night before ....and now still wondering where to go. So decided to go to Taman Titiwangsa.

And it turned out to be a good morning. I wasn't sure what I would get , but being there , it sort of developed on reflection in the water and lines of structures and compositions.

I'll only post my favourites and the rest will be posted in a new photo blog and the address will be given later.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Tale of the A300

I demonstrated how to do close-up without getting too close.

and below all my collegue's shots !

A collegue and fellow-blogger is also a keen photographer. He has been checking the A300 performance and potential and I am pleased to say that he is quite impressed.This morning I had a student visiting me at my cubicle when I was fiddling about with the camera.

This collegue, Jony, came along and was testing out the camera. He was keen on trying it without the flash and using only the eye-view. Here are some photos he took.

..out-of-the-box thoughts of Ramadan and etc......

So the holy month of Ramadan is here again – a month of piety, patience and humility. But along with it, it also brings 30 days of chaos and madness on the road, -- the traffic jams .

All of a sudden the number of cars on KL roads seem to multiply four folds ! Where were all these cars before these ? And this is not because people are all driving to the office because the trains would be packed floor to ceiling !

You may say that its because everybody goes back at the same time to catch the breaking of the fast at home. But , the jam starts as early as 3.00pm , and goes on to about 30 - 45 mins before the break of the fast !Thats almoe three and a half hours of traffic mayhem.

And all this is aggravated where there are Pasar Ramadan. Look at my housing estate, the the pasar Ramadan is smack in the middle of it and people who are in a hurry to get home, had to go through a maze of people and cars ---FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS ! Mind you , you mustn't get angry or lose your temper--it would be very unbecoming even to horn !.

Indeed the test of Ramadan is greater now.

No disrespect intended (Heaven forbids) , but I wonder during the times when people use camels and horses instead of cars, what sort of 'tests' did they face ? mmmmmmm......maybe no place to tie up your camels to ? inconsiderate riding of horses/camels ? Over dropping of horses/camels droppings ?

Anyway........Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslim community members !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Planning my plans....

So the weekend is here again. The second weekend with my A300. Where shall I go ? I know I have placed the following (not in priority order) as my targeted subject in this re-born hobby of mine.

  • nature
  • sceneries
  • night-shots
  • faces and expressions.
There are places , not too far away, that I can go to . Bukit Antarabangsa, Frasers Hills to name two. Guess I just have ito leave it to the last minute.

Cats on a hot rod !

Caught this when I got back.

Trip to Cosmic again....

The first Game

The second game

The cut.

The final game--inspit of the cut.

After quite a long break , a colleague and I went back to Cosmic of Mid-valley. Nothing much happened. Still maintained close to my average, BUT, I cut my center finger because of a chipped finger hole in an 11 pounder ball in the second game. It was painful for a while. More like a tear when the ball left the finger and was immediately bleeding. A good thing the management office gave me a strip of plaster. That happened in the second game and sort of broke my momentum for the third game.

Anyway it was a nice way to release the tension !

ps. these are taken with my phone , not the A300.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.....and this ? (update )

Can someone please.......

Yes, can someone give an idea just what is wrong with him - expecially his head ?