Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bowling Terms

The above shows the position and numbers of the pins.

Here's a web site which gives a list of bowling terms/jargon just for our information ! 

6 bagger - A 6 bagger is 6 strikes in a row. The word bagger can be preceded by any number from three to eleven. This is one of the more frquently used bowling terms.

Bedposts (or goalposts) - Used to describe the 7 - 10 split. Very difficult to convert into a spare.

Big Four - A split which leaves bowling pins 4-6-7-10 standing. Again notoriously difficult to convert.

Brooklyn - When a bowler hits the pocket opposite to that expected of a right or left handed player, e.g. When a right-handed bowler bowls a bowling ball which hits the left pocket (1 & 2 pins) instead of the normal (1 & 3 pins)

Conversion - Bowling terminology to describe a spare. For example, a 7-10 conversion.

Count - The number of pins that are knocked over which are added to the strike or spare from the previous frame.

Double - A bowling term for two strikes in a row.

Field Goal - A miss which goes throw two pins set wide apart.

Hambone (also clover, 4 bagger)
- A word used for four consecutive strikes.

Head-pin - The first pin.

Heavy shot - A shot which hits too much of the front pin and causes them to split.

Hook - Hooking the bowling ball makes it travel straight and curve in towards the pins as it approaches them.

Light shot - Light shots hit the bowling pins closer to the 3 pin than the 1 pin for right-handed bowlers. The same applies to the 1 and 2 pins for left-handed bowlers.

Lofting - Releasing the bowling ball too high above the lane.

Pocket - The ideal area of impact in order to score a strike. This is between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handed bowlers and the 1 and 2 bowling pins for lefties.

Spare - Where all the pins are knocked down in two attempts.

Strike - Where all the pins are knocked over in the first attempt.

Strike-out - When a bowler gets three consecutive strikes in the last frame.

Turkey - A bowling term used to describe three strikes in a row

Monday, June 29, 2009

Some have started...

Well looks like some of us are already secretly practising !!! I'm expecting a big fight this tournament. All the hidden talents will be emerging !!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another sunnysideup activity…



 Two bowlers in a team .
 Any gender combination !
 Cash prizes !
 Certificates to all bowlers
 Trophies to winners
 Venue – Cosmic Bowl Mid-Valley.

Prizes for:

  • Highest Score ( Male)
  • Highest Score (Female)
  • Highest Score ( Team )
  • 2nd Highest Score (Team)
  • 3rd Highest Score (Team)
  • Surprise Award 

Day : Either Friday or Saturday
Date : Either end July or First week August.
Fees per team : RM40 (if Friday): RM50 (if Saturday)

Be There ! 
Forms available from Sunnysideup !!

(this will only be a reality if there is enough participants !-

your comments to show support is greatly appreciated!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Entertainment through the period.

I have been looking at the main entertainment attraction at every decade beginning from the 50s to the 80s - thats forty years !This is only my opinion . However, I am kind of lost for the 90s -- and I wait for YOUR opinion.





90s & 2000s



That was the new word created to describe the Beatles, when they ast their peak !

..and recently the same song sung by one of the American Idol's contestants...

à mon étudiant qui parle français

(hope I got the above right..) Knowing your taste , I know you'll like this Spanish version, .....

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Moment of Truth

I'm so glad I found this song --a song I had been looking for cause its difficult to find. A friend from UiTM introduced me to it way back when. I've been looking fot ....finally. Hoping that some of you might enjoy it too.

OK OK --Lets hear it from Mariah C.

Seriously though, this has always been my favourite even since the composer/singer sang it as in my post here. and when sung a few others !

Its ken lee again.

I know you guys love this....but I love that stunned judge's look !! She's wicked , wicked, wicked... poor judge !

Thursday, June 25, 2009


How in heaven's name did you find that !!!!! My tears are still falling, my stomach is still aching--But I love it even though I 'ken leeee' after listening to this !!!

DAMN ! I was actually looking for a Chinese man to do a duet with her ! @#$%%$@ hahahahahah !

But of course we must appreciate its a foreign language to her just as it is to us !!

Man you are one baaaadddd dude helas !!!! * high five ..

To other members ---please watch this , but I'll kill you if you talk to me like that !

*(I should add here that there is no malicious intention its just for laugh so, I implore you , please do not take this the wrong way !)*

The Bukit Jalil Experience !

Today , together with a few friends, we took a longer than normal stride --- all the way to Bukit Jalil !

We went to the Bt Jalil Golf Club ---no , not to play golf as none of us do, but just to have a look at the place. Welll--ok, we visited the bowling alley. The game is cheaper but the alley gave me the creep because there were only two employees in the alley of 12 lanes (I think).

We were very luxrious with everything as we played cross lanes. In fact we could have taken a lane each if we wanted to. The only noise we hear were our voices , shouting after every strike.

The condition of the lane ? The balls are in better condition than Mid-Valley. The lanes took getting used to. Its not a fast lane but well-oiled. Personally I find the lane easier to control than Mid-valley. Uts predictable and I would say I have better control of the ball --although I was trying out a new technique . The pins are stable , unlike Mid-valley. My conclusion ? The lanes and balls are not bad.

But I do not like the monitor because it only shows 5 frames at a time . So after the 6th frame, you cant see your 1st and 2nd frame . Its weird !
The graphis are also horrible . Its like the old computer green monitors. No colours to brighten up the score or atmosphere. Thats it ! The place is so GLOOMY AND DULL !!!!.
Anyway, nothing ventured- nothing gained ! Anyway in the midst of playing, we did talk about the possibility of a second bowling tournament !!!! But thats another story.....


Well - what do you know !!! The most current news in the media. Read it for yourself !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Creedance Clearwater Revival 1

....CCR for short. This song of theirs came out during the days the Vietnam war and years later it has been used in many films and TV series as stated here . I quote from thw Wilkipidia.

....A version of the song, sung by JuJu Stulbach, rearranged and produced by Friesbie's P.T. Walkley, Scott Hollingsworth and Mary Wood, appears in "Clouds", a Traktor-directed commercial for General Electric.[4]

...."Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" was played in "Look Again", the first episode of the TV series Cold Case......It was played for a montage in the Stargate SG-1 series finale, "Unending". This was the only time a popular song had been featured in the program.

.....This song was played in the film Evan Almighty (during the opening sequence).

.....It is featured in the both The Longest Yard and its remake of the same name.

.....In the film December Boys, it is heard in both the CCR version and a quieter instrumental version.

.....It was played at the end of an episode of TV series Magnum P.I.

.....In late 1993 "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" is covered by Spin Doctors for the film Philadelphia.[5]

....."Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" is the title of Season 2 premiere of the TV series Las Vegas. However, the episode does not feature the song.

....."Have You Ever Seen the Rain" played several times in the television series Dexter Season 1, Episode 9: "Father Knows Best".

.....A cover version by Joan Jett was played in the second season finale of The Wire: "Port in a Storm".

.....The song is in the credits of the French film, JCVD.

.....This song is in the movie Invincible'


Without You by Badfinger....

'Without you'--byBadfinger the composers and original singers. This song is also sung by Harry Nilsson, Mariah Carey, Il Divo, Shirley Bassey, Clay Aiken, Heart,N Sync (I think) and even Frank Sinatra .


But this is my favourite 'Day after Day' also by them...


The SMS.

OK--Lets have the truth, and as mentioned, I 'm posting the sms which I reveived from the female friend of the person concerned here, without censoring anything as clearly discretion is not appreciated here at all.
I never wanted to do do this but I have heard all sortd of 'stories' detrimental to my reputation and that leaves me no choice but to be open.

1) The first sms.

From :+**********

To :

Date: 6/20/2009 Time: 11:54:02

Are u p0st bl0g the biggest t0y0l ever?did u think ab0ut the physychology n em0si0n that student?? Budk 2 tak tiru pn.mase 2 exam bru nk mule.tlg lh jgn besar2 kn hal ni smpai 1 dunia tau.i h0pe u be resi0nal n open. I'm aini the gurl f0ll0w him yesterday.

2) After that I called her, we had a long talk based on the following.

(a) The name was not revealed (2) he admitted his guilt (3) She should explain in more detail what she meant by 'pschological' and 'emotion' .

(b)'tak tiru' ? --even after he confessed ?

(c)'nak mula' ? answer scripts have been distributed and like she said, they were already 'only'(?) writing their name ?

(d)'sampai satu dunia' ? - For God sake---ALL the classmates saw what happened, so did students from other classes when when we were all at the corridor -- so is that my fault ????

(e) So far she has contradicted the male student's status --simply because she wasn't there at the corridor when he was first caught. At that time she should have stood up and declare herself as his 'defense counsel' --then there will not be contradiction and confusion.

(f) As she is communicating to a Senior Lecturer , she should practice decorum , courtesy and manners . As it is the tone is very unbecoming of a 'matured' student..


3) After that I receive a second sms from her.

From :+**********

To :

Date: 6/20/2009 Time: 14:15:31

I'm s0rry f0r my msg. . N i h0pe u will ap0l0gize me. .thanks 4 the explainati0n.

If after apologising and thanking me for the explaination on Saturda, WHY is this continuing from Monday right through Wednesday ? I take it that apology was not sincerely given then.

I leave it to the readers' interpretation, and I repeat, I never wanted to have to do this , but ......




After last Friday's episode of someone being caught cheating in an examination, and this is 4 days ago, there has been some disturbing development by certain quarters of the students.

Initially I did not want to write anything specifics , but when my integrity and credibility as a lecturer is being tarnished behind my back, I had no choice but to protect my reputation.

Perhaps, as I always would when there are 'disputes', I shall state the development in chronological order.

Morning of Friday 19 th June 2009,

CCSS 23-24 and CBDS 8-9, are sitting f0r their ENG 411 Final Exam Paper on the 6th. Floor.

I was invigilating another examination (CCNS 1-2) on the 5th. floor. Both exams are my papers.

After starting my my at 9. 9.30am, I went up to the 6th. floor to check the CCSS and CBDS exam. I helped their invigilator to distribute the answer scripts and question papers and waited if there were any questions from the students. questions.

At about 9.50am, I went back to my own examination room which was on the 5th. floor.

About 20-30 minute later, I received a call from the invigilator on the 6th. floor to come up. I thought someone had a query. So I went up.

On reaching the 6th floor, I saw two lecturers and a male student were standing st the corridor. I was told the student the student was caught red-handed with a piece of official answer paper with notes fully written on both sides of the paper, and I had a talk with the student.

1. He begged me to let him off on the grounds that this is the first time he has ever done this. (THAT to me , is already an admission of guilt.)

2. I told him that that is not for me to decide as I was not the invigilator or manager.

3. I chided him for doing something stupid.

4. He said he regretted it.

5. I told him to go back to the room , and whatever it is, finish the exam first.( Technically and according to the procedure, he should be sent to the office immediately and barred from entering the exam room ! But I gave him the undue beneft of the doubt.)

6. At about 12.00pm., this boy and a girl came down to the 5th floor where I was invigilating and again begged to be let off.

7. I gave him the same reason that it is not up to me as I wasn't the one who caught him nor was I the manager ! But they insisted and waitd outside my classroom. Since I had an exam to look after, I left them and went in the exam room.

After the exam, I had a serious thought about this case. To me this is a serious case as every exam will reveal a few cases of students cheating in one form or another. So I posted a blog on this with NO MENTION OF THE STUDENT'S NAME NOR ANY DETAILS ABOUT THE SUBJECT OR FLOOR . i INCLUDED A BADLY BLURRED IMAGE OF THE INCRIMINATING WHICH AGAIN HAS NO NAME ON IT.

I thought that was the end of it. But I was wrong.

SATURDAY 20th. JUNE 2009.

At about 11.54am, I received an sms from a number not listed in my phone. It was from the girl who accompanied the male student to see me when they completed their exam on Friday. ( I will post the sms on this blog tonight and I leave it to the readers to interprete the tone and spirit of the sms. Although she has apologised, new devvelopment forced me to do so.)

In that , I will not go into her rambling of psychology, emotion effects on the person concerned or her statement which can be interpreted as a 'warning', but only on her defence excuse of her friend.

She said thet :-

  • he was not copying

  • the exam has not started as they were just writing their names on the answer scripts.

My arguements against her logic are :

  • If the answer script have been distributed , then the EXAM WOULD BE CONSIDERED AS STARTED.

  • Once the answer scripts have been distributed , the onus is on the student to see that no suspicious and incriminating papers are on the table or anyehere reachable during the exam


The biggest question is : How come this female student friend of his said that he WASN"T cheating ???????????????

So now it has come to my knowledge that the same female student has submitted a letter (not sure if it is a 'petition') to the office that she doesn't want me to teach her class next semester.

That is fine with me .

I will not lose sleep over it as there are other classes that I can give my knowledge and experiences

I hope this posting will clarifying whatever rumours that had been started by certain quarters for their agendas.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More disturbing discoveries !

Surfing the net, I came across these sites and I simply had to postit to show the gravity of this problem. I wonder sometimes if we are approaching the same avenues as countries like China, Kenya, Great Britain , Egypt and manu more. Perhaps its a universal problem and a reflection of oneself ....

Here are the links and the snippets...


Police crack down on exam cheats

“AS millions of Chinese students gear up for the national college entrance examination, education and police authorities have issued stern warnings against cheating.

The Ministry of Public Security has instructed police departments across China to make detailed plans to ensure the security of the exam, which falls on tomorrow to Tuesday.

The police would be on high alert for any cheating, such as the use of electronic devices that students could use to get answers from people outside the exam room, said a statement from the ministry….”


‘Tuesday, Jun 23 2009

An exam board is using new electronic tagging devices to reduce the risk of cheating this summer.

Edexcel's computer-based marking system has also been set up to flag up any unexpectedly good results which could be the result of cheating by students.

A number of bags containing exam papers will contain a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag which will be scanned as the bags are despatched. After the papers have been delivered to exam centres, Edexcel staff will be able to scan the tag to check the contents, ensuring no papers are missing.

The tags are similar to those used on items such as CDs and clothes in shops….’


Exam cheats to be caught on camera

Last Updated(Beijing Time):2009-06-05 09:52

Video cameras will be installed in almost 60,000 test centers around the country to prevent students cheating in the national college entrance examination, scheduled for June 7 and 8.

The Ministry of Education's test center will monitor the videos and keep all footage for future investigation in the event of any cheating allegations, said Zhang Weizhou, assistant to the center's director….’


KARACHI: Many exam cheats go unpunished

By Our Staff Reporter
KARACHI, April 29: The cases of a number of students caught up in exam cheating are reportedly not being registered by invigilators and vigilance teams because of alleged pressures exerted on them by activists of certain political groups.

Several cases of exam cheating are being detected during the ongoing secondary school certificate exams of regular and private candidates. In most cases, the candidates took unauthorised items, particularly mobile phones, into the examination halls and used them not only for cheating but also for calling up political activists when caught by invigilators.


Exam cheats face stiff penalties

Exam cheats and their accomplices will be fined Sh250,000 if a proposal by the Kenya National Examinations Council is adopted.

Knec also wants people found in possession of examination materials or information before the candidates sit for the papers to be jailed for three years.

These were among proposals presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Education by Knec chief executive Paul Wasanga.

According to the document, which is calling for an urgent amendment of the Examinations Act, candidates found copying work of their colleagues or consulting during a test, face a fine of Sh50,000.