Friday, October 29, 2010

How do you answer to this ??

The other day a student asked me, " Sir , how some I only got C+ when I submitted all my assignments?"----and this question was asked in BM, not in English...

How do you tell a student of a higher institution that the content on the assignments determine the answer ...just because ALL assignments are submitted  it doesn't guarantee you an 'A" ( shiver me down my spine when I typed that !)  !!!!!! My mind just went berserk when I heard his comment....mind you ..this comes from someone ( no disrespect intended) who couldn't speak two complete sentences in English. I would have thought he should have been grateful for a C+ and it wasn't a D-. The mind boggles !

From my past observation , I hope the person now realizes that life isn't all a barrel of fun and laughter in class....that it takes more than just laughing and joking in class to get a good grade. That there's this two-word-nine-letter that matters most when you want to be in an institution of higher learning.

I honestly and seriously hope that there aren't too many of such specimens around..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday morning...

Wish I could capture the freshness of the morning through my camera...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Found this treasure amongst my other stuff in my drawer...My late Mak who went to UK to visit us pictured here with my sister AsH, brother-in-law Iain and my 6 year old son. This picture was taken in Leiceister. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To dump or not to dump....

Today a student submitted his proposal of his ENG 511 Report Writing topic. The title ??......'BABY DUMPLING' ! ...hmmmmmmm.......should I approve it ?

Of course he meant 'Baby dumping' .... the mind boggles !!

So anyone for these dumplings ???

Those were the days ....

A dear friend sent these old photos of mine after having kept them for 28 years !!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miracles do happen ....

Last Friday, I came back from office, switched on the computer broadband. I was beginning to fear another weekend without my window to the world ! 

So went through the drill of contacting the provider , and went through the same routine of self-diagnosing, self-repair and whatnots with the help of the technician on the line ----and all came to NOTHING !

Then the usual process of making a report and a reminder that 'the technician will come  48 hour after a report has been made...blah blah blah !'  Then the oh-so-kindly-and-helpful words, ' Is there anything else we can do for you sir ?'........I mean what else can it be. I only called you because I had no broadband connection....and you have not and could not solved my what else else would I want from you ??? Oh ...perhaps you could send me a large pizza or even a cup of tea ?

So, I just had to brace myself for a weekend of total photography ! Then on Saturday, at about 10.30 am , while doing my grocery , I received a call from the technician asking me if I could connect to the Internet. Rushing home, I switched on my computer and ....miracle of miracles.... I was connected.

Now that had been a drastic and pleasant surprise for me after almost decade of broadband use.  In the past , it would at least be two days or even more of waiting before they got it rectified - week-end or not...but not this time around.

Well, credits should be given when it is deserved and due and I say "thank you and well done' to my provider ! However on a more sombre note, perhaps the old theory that business competition will help the consumers is true......but I wouldn't take it away from them....Thank you again !