Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bring it on home to me .

Found this Sam Cook's composition by the great John Lennon.


Earl Klugg - Snap

One of my favourite jazz musicians. - especially this song . Listen from a good hifi set....great bass work and everything else !

Thanks JoeyBieg.


My favourite version of 'Pretend" by Alvin Stardust. This is an acoustic version.

Pretend you're happy when you're blue
It isn't very hard to do
And you will find happiness without
An end if you pretend

Remember anyone can dream
And nothin's bad as it may seem
The little things you haven't got could be
A lot if you pretend

You'll find a love you can share
One you can call your own
Just close your eyes you'll be there
You'll never be alone

And if you sing this melody
You'll be pretending just like me
The world is mine it can be yours my friend
So why don't you pretend

You'll find a love you can share
One you can call your own
Just close your eyes you'll be there
You'll never be alone

And if you sing this melody
You'll be pretending just like me
The world is mine it can be yours my friend
So why don't you pretend

So why don't you pretend
So why don't you pretend
So why don't you pretend

Friday, November 27, 2009

Light at the end of the Tunnel !

Thanks for the help, encouragement and your prayers !
There is a light at the end of the tunnel though its hazy and 'blurry' !
To quote you, " Sunnysideup tis morning ha !  What a wonderful day ! "

Thursday, November 26, 2009


To those who know me....will know this .................

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plain Photography..

Had some free period today. So took my tri-pod, camera and a few other stuff to a room and this is what I got.

Holier Than Thou !

To a certain female in KLMU (not a student, lecturer or administrator )...

Holier Than Thou

No more!

the craps rolls out your mouth again

haven't changed, your brain is still gelatin little whispers circle around your head

why don't you worry about yourself instead

who are you? where ya been? where ya from?

gossip is burning on the tip of your tongue

you lie so much you believe yourself

judge not lest ye be judged yourself

holier than thou

you are

holier than thou

you are

you know not

before you judge me take a look at you

can't you find somethig better to do

point the finger, slow to understand

arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand

it's not who you are it's who you know

others lives are the basis of your own

burn your bridges build them back with wealth

judge not lest ye be judged yourself

holier than thou

you are

holier than thou

you are

you know not

Monday, November 23, 2009

Low Yat oh Low Yat !

What would we do if there is no Low Yat Plaza ?? The electronic heaven ! You name it----from smart-phones to mp4 players to point and shoot cameras to the latest DSLR cameras to a multitude of facilities and support for desk-top and lap-tops. !!!

Not only do they sell but they do repairs as well. .....and you do get one of the best and friendliest services from the shops.

If you recall my posting on the problems faced by a student when her lap-top was sent for repair to the manufacturer's service centre. Anyway for less than 25% of the cost quoted by the manufacturer, the motherboard was repaired and the lap-top was operational again with a warranty period.

However , today, with datelines and assignments due, the student was fervently working on them with her group members when problems arose . The lap-top just froze and a restart failed to show the display !

With her documents and current work still in the hard-disk AND a presentation due the next day, understandbly it was near point-panic !

Anyway we went to Low Yat and the repair shop and.......what a service ! They were cooperative. We tried to get the lap-top repaired immediately as it was badly needed today and tonight. Of course that was near impossible.

After explaining the predicament and date-lines , they took out the hard-disk, attach a USB adaptor, connect it to another computer so that we can retrieve all the data, documents and materials . Then we remembered that her lap-top was using the 2007 Words and that might create problems when she wants to open her documents on a substitute lap-top with a 2003 Words.

No problems to them . They installed a converter and saved everything in a pen-drive. Not once did they do or say anything to irritate us ! It was truly service with a smile !

Alls well that ends well --- at least the documents are retrieved and work could continue  for this student !

Sunnysideup got snapped !

Ok ---here are photos snapped by PH during the Singapore trip !

Above two - at Ruk's . Still say---what a place !

At the Mango Tree

I really couldn't remember what I was standing on !

Above two - taking a breather at Kent Ridge.

At Labrador Park ---which used to be be the place where we 'settle' our differences when I was in secondary school.

At Changi Beach --cursing the Marxist mobile phone operator when I couldn't make contact with Malaysia

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The above which has given me good service is now up for grabs. You see, I'm presently using something else and this has been lying around on my shelf all this while.

But what is a DAC ? Allow me to reproduce from the Wilkipedia.


Most modern audio signals are stored in digital form (for example MP3s and CDs) and in order to be heard through speakers they must be converted into an analog signal. DACs are therefore found in CD players, digital music players, and PC sound cards.
Specialist stand-alone DACs can also be found in high-end hi-fi systems. These normally take the digital output of a CD player (or dedicated transport) and convert the signal into a line-level output that can then be fed into a pre-amplifier stage.
Similar digital-to-analog converters can be found in digital speakers such as USB speakers, and in sound cards.

Mine is a high-end DAC manufactured by Sonic Frontier, a   Hi Fi equipment manufacturer from Canada and I have published reviews on its superb performance.

How much its going for ? Make me a good tempting offer above RM900 that I couldn't resist and give me your contact number ( won't be published) in your comments. This is also going in E-bay, Mudah and Lelong..

The cover of the Manual.

The specs.

The comparative performance

The review.


Woods Camp Revisited.

Today, Sunday is the last week-end for ASH and Iain as next week they will be going back to UK to that cool, crsp weather ! So I decided to bring then and PH to the Ulu Yam area.

That means to Woods Camp. Its nice to know that the Camp officials still remember me and of course the question came...."When are you camping here again.?" . I think I muttered something long enough and unclear enough for them to wonder just what the hell I was mumbling about. ( This technique is useful to get you out of many awkward situations...heheheh)

It was nice to be there again. Familiar spots reminding you of nice and fond memories.  So here are some photos.

I remember this spot where a shy camper, with her note book and a monkey ( a real one ) that was being friendly to her.

Iain at our 'plaground'

ASH testing the waters.


...and now.....


yes... a trolley at the spot where we used to play our games ! At least ONE supermarket in KL is short of a trolley now !!

So there...Wood Camps revisited. Will we be there again ? hmmmmm.......

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Singapore Chapter... Me with Foxy and .....

Oh to feel love of a cat again ! These photos are courtesy from ASH. They were taken before we left the House of Cats.I have to admit I was a little touched  when carrying Foxy, as quite obviously seen in the photos. !



I was driving to Low Yat Plaza today when we stopped at the Bukit Bintang traffic light . I quickly gave my camera to my companion and wound down my window ! As I drove past, she snapped a few photographs of this strange sight !

Can anyone make out  just what this is ? This person with the extra over-sized helmet !!!!...or is this person is just one crazy cuckoo ?

I have erased the writings on the t-shirt of the 'alien'. I shall reveal it later. Meanwhile----keep on guessing for the jackpot !!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Singapore Chapter....Pasir Panjang Road..

At the junction of Pasir Panjang Hill and Pasir Panjang Road , is a row of old-fashion shop-houses.  One of the shops is a grocery where my family got our supply. Along with this , we got the photo-studio, bakery, dentist, coffeeshop and a clinic .

Years hence, the row building still stands but gone are all the shops I mentioned above.

In its place, stood the pubs, take-aways restaurants and lounges. These are here to cater to the many sea-men who would be everywhere because what used to be really big bungalows in fron of the sea, is now part of the Singapore Port.

Thus the pubs. Here are some of the signage which I find quite amusing.

Oh well, time moves on !