Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bukit Tinggi


Anonymous said...

Have you been to France/Germany without informing us?

I love that photo of father and son - very nice. It looked like you all had a good break for CNY.

When we strike the lottery, we shall recreate Evington Road, complete with Animal Rescue and its contents. But we never ever have a go - so what's the point. I'll wait for Lely and Irene to strike it big.

Anyway, lovely set of photos. I can't honestly say I wish I were there. But if we're in KL we shall try.


Azhar85 said...

Hi Sir..

How are you? I'm fine I see now you're busy taking nature pics with your camera...good hobby sir.. :)

I sometimes take a peak to your pics in this blog and it's very beautiful..anyway Happy Chinese New Year..and Happy belated New Year..In's more to be China Town now..haha..

ok sir..may God bless you in this new year with new hope... :)

Helas木村 said...

its like u r at oversea.. how much izit trip to bukit tinggi ?=)

sunnysideup said...

AsH: The little durians spoil it all...unless Fance has started growing them....hahahahah

Azhar : Thanks....and the same to and for you too..

Helas : Its over the hills only...not overseas. The food is EXPENSIVE...the rest are so so...

JoEtheL said...

nice photos...have u been to the Japanese Tea House...just a bit further up the hill...u can take tourist bus from this's free.

Helas..if i'm not mistaken, it's RM10 per i right, sunnysideup?

sunnysideup said...

Thanks Jo...I did... but the road was closed to traffic soooo....had to w..a..l..k up the s..t..e..e..p slope..

The entrance fee is now RM12 per head