Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of birds, buildings and boredom !

Showing off the ant it caught for lunch.

it was actually playing with me. Prancing about and hopping behind a trr. When i looked for it, it came out on the other side . When I didn't look fot it, it hopped out to find me. Cheeky devil !

You watching my back huh !

I was so bored during lunch hour today. So packed my trusty camera and took a walk down the road. I must be crazy ! I really have no idea what to snap and was kind of hoping something exciting happening when I have my camera with me....but no such luck. So........

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Anonymous said...

There is always something interesting to snap as you have discovered with those lovely cheeky birds.

As for me, I have missed so many candid shots as I walk to the City Centre. Why? Because I forgot to bring my handy camera! And it's only about 1/10 the weight of your camera.

Hope you find more walks and more good shots.