Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm still around.

Yes...I've been missing for sometime and I have received messages and smses asking where I've been. No, I'm not giving excuses. But with 26 teaching hrs a week and with two classes of 5- odd students.... its riduculously difficult. So I have been more active with the FB because its more of a hit-and-run sort of relationship with that network.  But , my photography goes on.....if anything I have stepped it up. I'll start by posting these three.

Oh no ! My computer's screwed up. I couldn't use Mozilla or Opera, ONLY Explorer. Tried to upload the photos, and it just wouldn't. Damn virus ! Looks like reformatting time !


anak si-hamid said...

Welcome back sunnyside up.

We love the news and Photos from the Vintage Rocker.

Aja said...

welcome back sir