Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favourite Find (from my storage boxes) of 2009

This has got to be the best of the decade for me. Its the vital statistic of our cat Mana, done by Hannah, my youngest , when she was only 7 years old !


 Physical Mana

Height : 74 cm
Front Limb : 25 cm.     left and right
Hind Limb : 27 cm (left),   30 cm (right)
Tail length : 21 cm,  width : 5cm
Ear length 6cm,   width: 5cm
Stomach circumference : 42 cm
Mouth width: 4 cm
Length of longest left whiskers : 8cm,    shortest: 1.5cm
Length of longest right whiskers 8cm,    shortest : 2 cm
Left eye : 3.5cm
Right eye : 3.5 cm

Well Hannah did this when she was  about 7 and I wondered then  in what profession she would be in when she grows up ! This year, 2010, she would be in her final year as a Law student in UM ! hmmmmm...

ps. I never did asked her why she took these measurement because I didn;t want to know what poor Mana must have gone through for her to get these measurements !

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anak si-hamid said...

Bless her cotton socks!