Thursday, January 14, 2010

A tale of Kecik the Kat

This cat I call Kecik ( small ) is a stray cat. However, for a stray cat , it is very clean and it has one of the cutest faces I have seen since Mana passed on. Kecik would and could communicate with you with its expression. It has a way of working your sympathy and  compassion . Its favourite spot would be sleeping on the bonnets of all the cars in the garage. Often I would snapped it with my phone-camera and sent it to a friend -- another cat lover !

Kecik is only a kitten and it is a lonely kitten. Often I would see it entertaining itself with leaves, twigs and once in a while with cockroaches.  Somehow, there are a few family giving food to Kecik. Of course there were time when it would go hungry and I would observed it trying to catch the many birds that hang around in the garden. Of course it always fails !

This evening, from my window, I caught Kecik entertaining itself again. Sometimes it would sit in the middle of the road looking utterly bored. You can just see the bored look on its face. here are some photos I took. Afraid the quality isn't good.

Is that boredom or what ?


Having a good streatch !

Having a rare conversation !

Just being stupid by getting both paws trapped in the iron grille.

That bored look again !


ph said...

If May lives in that area, Kechik will have a happy home.


it's soooo cutee! and......lonely..=(

sunnysideup said...

Hi stacy----your first comment here. Welcome ! yes ...I know . Its so lonely !

ph....maybe kechil can move to May's area !

anak si-hamid said...

Poor little Kecik. Do you think it will like no.19?

sunnysideup said...

I was thinking of that, but we'll wait till you are back here.