Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday evening in Pearson Park !

Day : Today, Sunday

Time : +- 5.00pm

I was sitting in my car while waiting for my daughter to come down. Nice cool temperature with the air-con on full-blast in the car, but sunny outside. It has that funny warm/cool feeling.

Then the radio played Poisoned Arrow by AC/DC. Wow ! That song was in the chart in mid-80s !

Suddenly my mind flew back to the past. It was this kind of weather on a summer Sunday evening like this when I would walk to Pearson Park during my "Hull days". I would be there with my 5 year-old-son, my wife, my first daughter in her push-car (she was only about a year oldthen ) and a very good friend of mine, Iain Beresford.

It was so nice and cool to be relaxing on the grass and playing football with Iain, my son and anyone else who cared to join us. We'd be rolling on the grass, and just fooling about. Iain was always being chased by my son !

We'd walk back home for dinner and with songs like Poisoned Arrow, Don't you Want Me, Billie Jean , Shut-up-your-face, Don't Stand So Close To Me, and so on playing on the radio. Dinner could be mackeral fish (the cheapest fish) curry, or just fried eggs (sunnyside up) or, if we have extra cash, good old oily fish and chips with salt and vinigar wrapped in papers.

Oh--those days--- . Then the passenger door opened and I heard my daughter's voice, 'Sorry 'Bah--for being late !"

For once, I wish she was even later --so that I can spend more time down memory lane. Oh wellll.......

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HELAS said...

i think there is a picture of it where there is a ball with your son... isnt it.. heeeheee