Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank God for technology !

Yes---exactly that ! I was on web-cam with my son (who is in the United States) for FOUR HOURS ! What a splendid way to spend a Saturday morning.  Its so good to be able to talk and see him real time from almost 10.00 am to about 2.00pm.

Its amazing as we can never run out of topic to talk about. This morning we covered topics on his job, i-phones, the weather, the rain, my 11.00 pm hospital visit few nights ago, my ABS emergency braking experience the night before, the Black-bird, the F-16 fighters, Mustang, Corvette , Nissan Altimo, Nissan Skyline, Hi-Fi and countless other topics !Come to think of it , it has always been like that between us.

A few years ago when he was in Switzeland,on week-ends we could talk the whole morning (thats anything from 3 hours to 5 hours) on the Skype phone -- but of course minus the web-cam.  Or he would  be home for his lunch and we would skype throughout his lunch hour !

Now we would 'YMed' and exchanged photos. The time difference was quite bearable when he was in Switzeland , but now it is kind of weird and I am still grappling with the 16 or so hours difference. Like this morning, it was 10.00 am on Saturday while it was still early Friday evening for him.

I cannot imagine what it would have cost us if we hadn't used the internet phone ! Anyway although technology has given us the chance to spend more time communicating with each other, it can never ever beat the real presence of him. Yes ! I still miss the two - three hours  chat that I always have with my son when he would come to visit me on week-ends. 

Yes , I do miss him !

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HELAS said...

laaaaaa padan laaaaa on webcam pagi td.... hehehehehehe.... nak jg view tp takut pla..... hehehehe..