Sunday, March 29, 2009

Try to beat him in giving ridiculous excuses ! --in reggae that is..

This is a really funny one. Let me briefly explain the gist of it ! The singer was in court. A husband was charging him in court for having an affair with his wife. The singer denied it. He said he was sitting in the couple's closet (in the bedroom) minding his own business. ( what was he doing in the bedroom in the first place ?)

When the husband claimed that the singer touched his wife. His excuse was that it was not possible because he had his shirt in the left hand and his pants in the right. That means he's naked. Next he said to ask the man's wife who was the better man ( how did she know that-if they hadn't slept together?) , and if she doesn't answer, ask the maid for the answer (he has also slept with the maid ? ).... ..and theres more to it

Talk about someone being stubborn and who refused to admit his guilt ! hahahah . heres the lyrics.

Your Honour

Oh lord, anybody see my trial grieves for I
Why lord I was badly beaten, found by loved ones
Battered by an irate husband
Searching for a man that wasn't I.
When we reached the court we garn inside,
the hand of justice shall preside
over this case the trial shall begin.

Your Honour I was inside de closet
minding I and I own business.
Your Honour it was a complete stranger
causing these disturbances.
Him claims of me touching him wife
which is a wicked and awful lie
Me two hands 'em was occupied
me shirt's in me left
and me pants in me right
me hand 'em was occupied
me shirt's in me left
and me pants in me right

Dear Judge, can this court accept my story from me heart?
Why Judge,if by chance you don't believe this tale
ask him why she will not fail to agree I was a better man than he.
Just in case she refuse to answer,ask de maid
she gonna be glad to testify for me.

I tell him,

Your Honour, I was inside de closet
mindin' I and I own business
Your Honour, it was a complete stranger
causing these disturbances
Him claims I'm a touching him wife
which is a wicked an awful lie
Me two hand 'em was occupied
me shirt's in me left
and me pants in me right
me hand 'em was occupied
me shirt's in me left
and me pants in me right

Silence silence.........

Dear corporal,
as you lock me in this prison pray for I
Please corporal,
Please don't leave me here to wonder
why de court has made dis blunder
grabbed me for a crime that wasn't fair,
corporal when you goin to send me dinner
Send your mother or your sister
one more day of this I cannot bear.

Hear me now...

Your Honour - [chorus]


HELAS said...

yeah.... Reggae... mr.sunnysideup... did u have Reggae colection?? hhehehe mind share it?? hehe

sunnysideup said...

hmmmm... i will time..

Ameen said...

Who was that creative lyric writer?
The song is simply superb and funny of coz...
Mr. Mus, you should leave a message stated 'Don't try this at home' on the bottom of the lyrics...

sunnysideup said...

hahah. Its good isn't it ! Even the tune is superb !
Good suggestion ! Though it should be 'Don't try this at ANY home ! '

sunnysideup said...
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Ameen said...

Comment deleted...
i wonder who it is n what he comment

sunnysideup said...

Oh--that was me ameen---I double publish my comment . That happens somentimes because whenthe computer is slow to react---i i double-clicked it..

HELAS said...

normal laaa double comment hehehehe.....sometimes i also do that especially using cosmo pc.. eheheheh