Monday, April 12, 2010

" Lessie in Limbo Land "-

The last few weeks I had had the pleasure of looking at a friend's first attempt to write a short story and helping her along the way. Its a simple story based on her imagination and fantasy. To quote her, she said she had always wanted to write a story ever since she was in primary school. 
She had created stories then, but they were all in the mind , never ended on paper. It was an honest attempt to fulfill a long-time  wish. I read the story and this friend never pretended to be a writer nor good in the language. In fact she told me she wasn't even sure if there would be any more after this. All she wanted to do was to at least do one and be personally proud of it.  
Well friend - congratulations and well done. Something you have done on your own, and for yourself !Thats' all that matters , and I'm glad I could be of some help in checking the language aspect.  By the way--I enjoyed the story.
Well, I'm reproducing excepts from her story but I believe she will soon post it in her blog here soon.
Chapter 1
'She took a step out of the house, gave herself a good stretch and a yawn and gave the world the sweetest smile, together with her dimple on her left cheek.  She was still dressed in her sleeping clothes (hardly pajamas), a knee-length trousers and a t-shirt in a red hooded sweater.
She stepped out to the garden, pulled the hood over her head, stood still, closed her eyes and still smiling, and took a few deep breath of the cool fresh air.  This had been her morning rites as far back as she could remember.
Next, she walked to a corner of the garden, took a broom and started sweeping the fallen leaves strewn about in the garden. This is another ritual which she goes through every day. There was a time, not too long ago when her Grand-dad taught her how to use the broom and taught her the particular way that he wanted the garden swept.  It was such heavy work then, but now, it is just another chore to her.'
Chapter 2
One day, she decided to pay a visit to her grandparent’s! As usual, she was alone. So after breakfast, she put on something warm as the air was quite chilly, she left a written message for her family telling them where she was going.
Approaching the forest, something made her turned round to have a look at her house. Not knowing why she did that, she shook her head, smiled to herself and in her mind said,
‘Stop it silly girl! You’re not going anywhere far! Its just grand-dad’s place’.

Chapter 8

There were twelve mirrors all in a row and on the mirror was the months of the year, starting with January and ending with December.
She lightly stepped into the room, walking past each mirror and keeping her distance from them – remember how she was sucked into the earlier mirror.
She remembered that now is the month of December. Slowly she passed each month, relieved that nothing bad or strange happened.
“Ahhhhh—the December mirror.” she said to herself.

Chapter 9

Gladly, Lessie put the chocolate in her mouth and painfully began chewing it. There was no difference. Fear was creeping in again. Then she swallowed the first mouthful of the chocolate.
Immediately she began to feel the effect. Her stomach was gradually becoming better. This went on for the next few minutes until she was totally free of any pain. It was a miracle.
As if she was given a new life, Lessie jumped up and patted the wolf’s head and said,
“Thank you my dear friend. Now come, we have a job to finish.”
….and the two new friends walked out of the room, determined to fight the evil witch and return the world to its natural condition.

So these are just some of it. I believe she will soon post it. Like I said, I respect the honest attempt inspite of everything else. It may be far from perfect , but it was a personal attempt and I respect you for the struggle, for the sleepless nights for the anxiety and lots more barriers.  Well done  friend !

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