Friday, April 16, 2010

Secret Garden !

I was brought to this garden and was I amazed ! I never thought it would exist considering the environment of buildings around it.

I know most of you are familiar with this sight !

Three words to describe it ! SMALL AND SASSY !

Unfortunately, 4.00pm is not exactly a good time to do any photography in out climate ! It was really my fault for insisting. The first time I caught sight of this place was on a rainy day. So, the next day I insisted that I took some photos  !
The Maze.

Perspective !


Anonymous said...

Helas said

sunnysideup said...

yup helas!
You ought to know ! pardon my poor BM --- isn't that your "tanah tumpah darah" ---in KL that is ! heheheh

Anonymous said...

helas said:
yaaaaa. I grow up there hehe.. its my small hometown where;
work part time there,
hv meeting there,
joging at the park and soooo many things happened there..