Friday, April 2, 2010

That was the Lunch that was !

1st. April was on a Thursday ! But believe me , on that day, the lunch that I had was far from a joke ! I dare say I thoroughly enjoyed it !

I have been told of this yellow aubergine from Sarawak which is supposed to taste heavenly when cooked in a soup ! I was also told that they could not find this in Kuala Lumpur. I kept hearing about this and I kept asking just how good it really is ! Anyway - on one of their trips to their 'Cat City', they came back and brought back the famous 'tempoyak' - which is one of my favourite delicacies AND three yellow aubergines.

the abugines

However-- the abugines remained in the fridge for a month.

Anyway on April Fool's day, I had my curiosity satisfied. Since one of them had to go back to see her ailing father, the other stayed on and cooked what had been our topic for sometime . yellow aubergines cooked in fish soup ! mmmmm---to my little knowledge of cooking, I though abugines are all purple in colour !

So on that day ,after spending the whole morning in the kitchen ( much to the surprise of her friends - so she told me !) , by lunch hour, she packed the rice and soup in containers and we went to  a shady TTT car-park for me  to 'test' the much acclaimed yellow aubergines fish soup! 
my home-cooked lunch set !

I was having  packed lunch in my car . Menu ? --yellow aubergines cooked in fish soup ! And to top it--- dessert of donuts ----all home cooked !

 the aubergines do look yummy and juicy !

My verdict ? Fantastic ! The soup was tasty- very tasty without any 'msg'  or artificial flavouring !  Really---I was just sipping it away and forgetting about the rice . Putting some of the soup on the rice didn't make it look delicious because it has no colour. But I ended walloping every bit of rice . The fich she used was 'ikan bawal putih' --- and the aubergines seemed to enhance the taste of the fish and gives that subtle sourishness to the soup . Indeed ---I finished every drop of soup, every bit of fish and every bit of the aubergines in the soup ! Yes - my compliments to the cook !

Desert ..

Ahhhhh ---a hearty meal indeed ==inspite of having it in the small space of my car ! To top it all, there was home-made donuts for dessert ! OMG ! What more could you ask for  ! Great meal ! Great chef !

Thank you for the time , trouble and thoughts for that marvelous meal ! This  soup would be added to the list that I've tasted , ie.  Sarawak chicken dish , the fried vegetable , the laksa , that finger licking dessert and ...hopefully, coming soon....what was the name of the 'kuih' that you mentioned cooked with 'gula apong'  that would be coming soon .....?? .....

Ok ---I'm off for my long brisk  walking session now.... got to make space in the you-know-where for more goodies !


sheila said...

see i told u how nice that "terung" hahha..dun worry ya wiil bring some more for u....and this time i will cook it for both of u ya....just wait k...:)

Just about me.. said...

omg,dats my favourite dish!!everytime i went back to kuching dat wil be my top list dish i ask from my mum for dinner.sheila i want too...hehehe!!

a fella whom having difficulties just to update his blog said...

abugines = terung ah sir?

sunnysideup said...

dats about me

Its mine as well now !

sorry foe shortening your name. Yup-thats what it is !

a fella whom having difficulties just to update his blog said said...

owh okay, now i get it

a fella whom having difficulties just to update his blog aka apau

p/s i left you a message on facebook