Saturday, April 3, 2010

Practice 1 !

F1 Practice ! I couldn't resist being there with my A300. When they used to describe the Petronas Grand Prix as the 'hottest race of the series" -- I know what they mean now. That includes the weather !

It was so HOT and I was sweating and could feel myself turning red from the heat --- not as red as the Ferrari red though . I also realized how difficult it is to photograph these machines. Don't dream of focusing on a spot and snapping them because all you'll ever get ia a pic of the road or a small part of the nose OR the tail.  You'd just have to pan and set the shutter to 'burst' --and the A300 could only do like 4 photo per second.

The sound ? Well the shrill  screeching sound sort of cut across your brain and for a while you can't even feel the vibration of your vocal cord after that.  I used my ear-phone -- the type that you literally 'plugged' into your ears ---and you could still feel ( yes, 'feel' not 'hear' ) the sound !!

But --it was worth it. The sound was just awesome ---to me anyway ! I could not describe the thrill when they approach a slow corner and hear the engine changing down with that low hint of 'coughing'  as they took the corner !!!Yes ---the adrenalin was making me confused whether to go snapping or just stood still and enjoy the roar !

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