Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reunion of the 'steps-gang' !

Last Saturday was quite a pleasant one. Apparently, people from Cls 25 had to submit their report . You see, these are the famous 'steps-gang'. Their favourite haunt is the steps in front of the building and I am an honorary member of this crazy lot !  So of course the A300 came in handy to record this .

It was really good to see the lot again ! And I wish there'll be more 'reunions' . It was like we've never seen each other for years --- for me at least !

Decent lot !

Not-so-decent-lot !

Catching up with news !

Don't be fooled by the serious looks !

Nice and friendly gathering !

Oh well...at least I managed to hypnotize one of them !!

Last two photos ....don't ask me what they're trying to say cause I don't know myself !!!

It was good to see you guys !!!!


tiang86 said...

it if realy fun to gether again...
but the time is so short...

Alexander said...

em.. probably next reunion is jun (convocation), hopefully..

Nur Diyana said...

really miss 'em agin..huhuh..hope will c y'll on the next season..ahaks..:[

sunnysideup said...

13th june ya alex !
Hey diyana---you cld organize a 'makan-makan'----welll --- home cooked food preferably !
I'm sure all the guys will agree to that ! right bro ?

teMan said...

yeahh it was great to see u too sir..
mkn mkn? yum yum i love makan..ahaha
bro pun kan? kan? jom le mkn..ahaha

dyon said...

hahhha...we hv agreed to let u be the CHef ...heeh..we wanna try sunnysideup cooks.yeahhhhhh!!am luvin it!hikhikhik

sicKo^ said...

yeah.. we go makan2... juz tell me the date n time.. :)

Helas木村 said...

1st of all. Hey Mr sunny, still remember me?? HEHEHE.. how r u??

adess.. so many things i miss since i left ma OLD work =)... well will go through 1 by one of the post later =)