Sunday, March 21, 2010

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

So- on a Saturday afternoon I decided to go to the above fiesta on the Saturday night , hoping to catch the firework display as well. But as luck would have it, the dark gloomy sky in the evening told me to stay away ! So the plan is now to go there on early Sunday morning !

This I did ! It was a nice morning drive and the clear MEX ( Maju Expressway) was too much of a temptation to not cruise at 180-190 kmph and adventuring to 200 kmph at times ! Oh well --- the road was so clear, the weather was so cool and my mood was sooo goood !

Soon I was approaching one of the bridges and was becoming hard to contain the excitement as the balloons were in sight --- big, massive colourful bubbles floating in the air !

Then the first downer !!! Looking for a car-park . Had to make a few rounds before I 'discovered'  this parking lot ! The picture will tell more about this.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the day ! Its got everything a photographer wants except for bright sunshine. Its only after a few shots I remembered to play round with the white balance !!

I used up close to 1.2 Gb. of my memory card for the photos and it took quite a bit to select . Anyway I have categoriaed to three groups. The Airborne, the People and the Photographers and they will be posted separately.


Guess where I parked my ride ?

The well-known GoodYear blimp ! Big ha ? Well look at the next photo!

On the ground - just slightly bigger than a car !---and I think its remote-controlled !

The next group of photos will be on People ( my favourite actually !)



Helas木村 said...

1st- 200kmh???? wow.. hopefully u didnt received any letter next month hehe

2nd- the 1st pic is, the smallest bus in the world...

3rd-Last pic... i got punked haha.. mi tot it was soo big haha

sunnysideup said...

1st. Shd be ok. It was very early -- before 8.00am, and no fly-overs to hide cameras !

2nd ---yup, the smallest bus --- with the biggest parking lot !

3rd---yup ---I laughed when I saw it parked in the hangar !

Helas木村 said...

->haha.. well next time maybe wanna try also how fast 200kmh hehe...

->i think the fees using that bus also Big.. coz using petrol and quite fast =)

->haha agree... when i see the car.. laaah almost the same size haha

sunnysideup said...

luckily the driver didn't get any ticket--big or small !!!eheh