Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Bowlers !

One of the best converted split I have ever seen was the one done by my bowling partner.  After her first ball there was a split of pin 5 and 10.  All I did was, I admit, is to hope against hope of her converting this split.

I knew in this game she was just beginning to find her 'line'.
The approach was done nicely. The ball rolled along  . It was taking the the number one arrow-indicator. which should bring the ball to the front pin. But it looked like it was going to be a goal-shot between the two pins.Then it happened !
I jumped from my seat ! Can this be it ! The ball sort of wavered to the left and nicely and only just  'sliced' the left side of the number 5 pin. It was such a gentle slice that the pin did not fall but rather slide down on to the lane so gently and rolled on to pin 10.

I started to run forward and much to my relief, the number 5 hit , ever so gently , pin number ten -------and the conversion was done !!!!!!

I jumped  and gave a good yell ( at least thats what my partner told me ---because I could not remember if I did, although I 'd probably did so.) Ran to my partner and short of giving her a good squeeze gave the congratulatory gesture.... I knew the other bowlers must have appreciated that conversion too.  All my partner did was to smile as if nothing had happened. It might have been an 'after-shock' reaction  - methink !



well after that..... things  got better as can be seen here...... 



 In the above game, she converted another split----a much more difficult one ! A split of pin 7,4,9 and 10 !!!


Obviously , her personal best is climbing and consistency is also beginning to show.  Now you may say, 'whats the big deal !' Well, considering after less than 5 month of bowling, I say , it is ... Keep it up partner !!!


iRiSS said...

the background of the score at the tv screen is very unique.. i never see those kind of colorful background. where do u guys bowl?

sunnysideup said...

the last three is wangsa walk iris ! Try it !

Helas木村 said...

uiks.. still practicing?? . . omg . . hheh...