Saturday, March 13, 2010

How loud is too loud ???

A recent visit to the movies in KLCC really turned me off.  We went in early and nothing was shown on the screen yet. However as soon as the pre-movies came on, I realized what a mistake it was to be in this theater !
The sound came screeching ( and I mean that literally) INTO our face ! I said " What the ****!". We immediately had our finger in our ears !

The sound was TOO LOUD . Too loud to be comfortable ! Too loud to be enjoyable ! Even too loud to make out the dialogues !!! Nothing but often loud distorted words and noise !

I do not understand why it had to be turned on so loudly ! The hall wasn't that big. It doesn't warrant such a high level of volume. The technician or the management must have thought the louder the better, or just because they have a super powerful amplifier, it should not be wasted and thus give the audience the full fury of decibels !!!

The treble was distorted beyond recognition and comprehension , the bass was over-produced and the who;e frequency was just a mixture of NOISE !!!!

What they fail to understand is that , the powerful output of the amplifier is not merely for volume ---but more for clarity.  The management should get a qualified sound engineer to be in charged of the sound system. Conduct a proper sound test/check before making your paying patrons suffer !

Throughout the movie---we had to get out finger ready by our ear.

The other movie house that we frequent has got a first class sound system. Good placement of sound with their Sensurround effect, comfortable level, clear sound and balanced reproduction of all spectrum of frequency !Its like watching it at home !!

The funniest thing is that both theatres belonged to the same company !

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Hase' said...

If the genre of the movie is drama,then it would be good to have high volume. but if action genre..I'll better not let the seat warm up..better warm up my stomach than hurting my ears..