Monday, March 8, 2010

Current Favourite In The Car !

David Cook's not exactly new song is the present favourite listen in my car. When my companion said that it is actually a Mariah Carey hit, I  was stumped because she wasn't exactly my favourite's favourite. But , see what a singer can doo to put the song in a different light !


sheila said...

oh david cook's... i love david cook's..heheh

JoEtheL said...

I love this song! ~david's version

mariah sang really good..then came david cook, he sang it much better...! I fell in love with this song right during david's performance on american idol..! It's his melts me every time i listen to this song..

sunnysideup said...

he's a fantastic singer isn't he ? He can also really belt out those rock songs if he wanted to.

JoEthel it the singer or the song? Probably both ha ! Yup--he has that soothing unique voice !