Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Tour of Langkawi

First - the title of this post is quite different from the official exotic name. But then - thats another story !

Anyway, early Saturday morning, I found out the the cyclists would be passing the Setiawangsa Station. This is an opportunity that should not be missed.  So off I went . I was there at about 10.00 am and was opposite the station. But I was not happy with the position of too much shadow and high contrast for any decent photography.

So I took a walk further down where there was an open space. This was in front of the Sri Maya Condo entrance, with a nice curve of the road and a slope.  So took my position but kept having tochange them as the crowd started to gather.

I met a fellow photographer and we started talking photography. he told me that he travels a lot, but with a point and shoot camera, he felt something missing. Yet with a DSLR, he would be carrying around an expensive item. Guess we all have that problem. That is why you always see me with my back pack !

Anyway, we waited for more than one hour before the leading cyclist came into view.  Was I sweating ! Even with my cap, I could still feel the heat. However I missed my portable chair and my sun-glasses !

Antway here are the photos. Its my first in taking sporting event so it might be to expectation and I would need more practice. hmmmm..... the F1 is just round the corner !

The fellow-photographer

Air-coverage. This was taken at 1/600 - thus freezing the props.

all quiet while waiting for the first sign !!

first sign

the leader---sorry don't know his name 

...and the pro at work !!!
Thus....thats my saturday morning !

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anak si-hamid said...

What a lot of roadrunners. Good shots but I like the first one.