Friday, March 5, 2010


 Hmmmmm....why not ? The plan is taking shape.....
As in the previous year, the judges will be seeking to unearth new talent and vision from emerging and established artists alike. For the 2010 event, there will no longer be a distinction between Professional and Non-Professional categories. Instead, entrants may submit portraits either as Individual entries or as a Story.
In the Individual Portrait category, the judges will be looking at overall technical skills, composition and challenging aesthetics in a single, stand alone portrait that rises above the rest.
The Portrait Story category is added to enable photographers to enter portraits in a series, along with accompanying narrative. Identifying strong visual narrative that speaks to the viewer is a criterion the judges will be seeking in this category, as artists that use photography creatively rather than camera operators will be rewarded. We feel that understanding the processes of an artist and his or her ability to bring concept to fruition in a series of pictures exemplifies the creativity in the art.
The KL PHOTOAWARDS 2010 is open to all photographers, over 14 years, from full time students, enthusiasts, semi-professional to professional photographers.

PORTRAIT STORY CATEGORY entrants must submit a minimum of 5 up to 8 photographs, in a coherent series or story. Series submissions must be accompanied by a 250 word (maximum) narrative.
Entries in the PORTRAIT STORY CATEGORY will also be judged in the PORTRAIT INDIVIDUAL category.


JoEtheL said...

3 weeks to go before the closing date..huhh..I'm the one who is excited!
can't wait to get myself a DSLR..

sunnysideup said...

Ok---I'm working on it already. I would say about 65% completed. Can't tell much about it yet but the issue is quite universal and involves quite a few you all.
Weeeellll---I try !