Thursday, May 13, 2010

Presentation tips..

I am reproducing this post for the benefit of the 511 students .

Presentation tips!  
What a morning it had been today! It was a hectic one for me. I had two classes doing their presentation of their reports. And the sir-conditioning (what air-conditioning?-there wasn't any in that room!), didn't help at all! 
It started off well but after a few students, I can see where it was going! Definitely the wrong way! In fact I had to stop a few students while they were doing their presentation because it was getting out if hand, had to ask a few to skip certain irrelevant sections and I even gave a demonstration in the middle of one presentation ! 
So for the sake of those who'll be doing theirs in the future, here are some tips... 
Never, never but never read off your slide. I can read better and faster than you. This is not a public reading session. You are there to present and explain. 
2. Face your audience
You are communicating with your audience, NOT the screen, therefore FACE your audience. Maintain eye contacts. 
3. Voice.
When you face the screen, your voice will not be clear. Maintain a reasonable volume so that the audience can listen comfortably without having to strain their ears. Vary your voice tone so that you would not sound monotonous.
Your voice should also show enthusiasm and it must be lively. 
Select your information wisely. You DO NOT have to show your whole report. Pick and select the information wisely. Do not spend half your presentation time on your introduction. What is most important would be your Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation. Present and highlight the main interesting points.
Keep your slides to MAIN POINTS only! DO NOT make your slides so wordy. Just read the points, face the audience and do your explanation and/or elaboration confidently.
Use colours --but wisely. Too much of something will have an adverse effect. 
5. Conclusion and recommendation
These two can be combined if you plan your facts.  
Last but not least, PLAN YOUR PRESENTATION. This morning I could even see one of the students still preparing his slides while the presentation was going on. Needless to say, he scored the lowest. 
This would solve all your readings, blabbering, stammering, mutterings and most of all IT WOULD KEEP MY TEMPER AT BAY!

I hope the above would be of help to future presenters of my subject.

So to those students who will be presenting their reports next week ---good luck !


Helas木村 said...

errr... mind if i suggest some more..

put some humor at the right time and the right place during ur presentation... izit Acceptable ??

sunnysideup said...

Excellent !

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Helas木村 said...

im proud to be ur student =)