Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mr Jigsaw

I would like to reproduce what Mr Jigsaw, (  one of the presenters yeaterday wrote in his blog. The sequence sounds like taken from a suspense movie...

U Made My Day..???!!!

in the end..we have finally thru with the presentation..
Hemma is the 1st to be was like 7 to 8 mins after that and she's done..(that was quick and smooth , i said to myself and at the same time i was thinkin to myself "IM DOOMED")
after a few questioning by Mr. Mus , Wira stepped up..(he looked a bit shacky at first..)
but Wira did was slow and steady..
then came along Wan with his "dope" version of presentation style..(by that moment im kinda rattled a bit and looking at Wan..LOL) then after a few mins , i couldn't stop laughing coz Wan
actually said "rumah urut" during the presentation..we all had a laugh..
then it was my time..and i did it...ehehhe

then suddenly "the 4 of u have made my day"...

that was like the most perfect phrase for the 4 of us knowing that we couldnt speak that well and fluent in english except for hemma eheh (sorry Hemma...)

it was worth it...(smiling)

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[Mr Jigsaw] said...

this is unbelieveable..