Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunset from Bukit Belachan

So its Bukit Belachan this weekend with the other fellow photographers. When I suggested this place, one of the photographers said, "...smells good..". Well we shall see tomorrow. I have never been to this place myself but have read through a few web-site on it and it looks promising !

taken from a website.


anak si-hamid said...

To sunnysideup and Gang,
Have a good time with the camera. If you can't get any good shots, just go to the nearest 'kedai' and buy a packet of belachan.

iRiSS said...

few months back during, my classmate plan to go there. but unfortunately mission failed! is just behind the zoo..

Helas木村 said...

wow, i second that. smells good hehe