Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Happy Belated 2nd. Blogging Anniversary to me !

Oh No ! and Oh Yes !---I missed the date.
2nd. May 2008 - I started blogging. 
I am reproducing my first posting on that day !

Friday, May 2, 2008
Now why did I do this.?
Ok ! My first . I can't believe it ---I actually want to sit and write something. So I got over the first blockage to start this blog-site.The next would be what to write about. OK what about a sort of diary , a kind of a-day-in-the-life sort of thing. For starters --why not .
So--today is the last day of the final examination. Everybody's looking forward to it. But early in the morning --about sevenish, I received an sms from one of my best students, ( if not the best,) informing me that she had to go back to her hometown because her son had been admitted to the hospital.
Its like being struck by lightning !
Of course between taking and finishing the exam OR going back to the hometown to be with a sick son, the choice of decision is easy. After all nothing but nothing is more important than your child's well being.
And yet--I do not envy her. The serious student that she is, I can imagine ( or maybe I cannot imagine ) what must be going through her mind. The countless hours spent on preparing for this paper ! And now this ! Anyway knowing her --this would probably be the last thing on her mind.
Such display of courage. Such display of strength ! Such display of determination! I can't say what she is feeling exactly , but I can tell what its like to be a student when your child is many many miles away from you. You'd have much more to face than your fellow students. The hollow emptiness inside you as you miss your child before you go to bed...The horrible feeling when you see kids of about the same age as your child.s. Even talking on the phone hurts - when it was supposed to give you relief. The pain -- and yet it had to be done.
So , to this student of mine, if you are reading this, may everything be fine for your family and I know all your sacrifices will be worthwhile for you and your kids. So hang in there - I know you can do it, and more....
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 Congratulations SUNNYSIDEUP !


Helas木村 said...

whooopppsss..... waaahhh

happy belated 2nd bloggerversary . .=)... keep on blogging sunny.. the loyal commenter oredy back again heheh...

sunnysideup said...

Thank you helas,. I'm watching ur blog too.

Angel said...

congrats sir!!!

ph said...

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary !

iRiSS said...


~~happy anniversary~~

lets keep on blogging!


sunnysideup said...

Yes iriss ! Lets !...and thanks !

anak si-hamid said...

Well done. The addition of your photographs has really brightened the blog.
Viva la Sunnysideup!