Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st. of May.

 The ride down South.
By 4.30 am , I was up and about ! Had my bath and prepared my simple breakfast and by 5.30am i was already on my way down south with my son in his car. It has been such a long time since I did an early morning trip that it was so refreshing and even exciting. ...and better still, I was a passenger. I was able to wallow in the beautiful morning sight , sat back and enjoyed the ride.

The road wasn't busy. By the time we hit the North-South Highway, I was beginning to feel bored and restlessness was creeping in. But instead of fidgeting about, I stole glances at the speedometer just to have a peek of the speed we were doing.  I will not mention the figure as it might be used as evidence against me.

So , took out the A300 and started taking night shots. It was no good. The condition was so dark and I did not want to use the flash (never like it anyway). The stiff suspension of the A4 kept my camera bopping into my face each time I tried to take a shot. The best of what I could do is posted here.

The cockpit of the A4 taken in difficult condition....and later in daylight...

Johor is like a foreign country to me. Why ? The weather ! Its so hot I guess you could fry an egg on the road surface at noon ! It was too hot that my sinus was acting up. My fore head was beginning to itch like crazy and my eyes and cheeks were turning red as red could ever be !

No---I don't enjoy the few hours I spent there ! How could it be so HOT !

My daughter arrived with my car at 5.00pm and immediately I got in the car and started my drive home alone. Traffic was heavy but the motivation of seeing K.L beckoning me to come home made the drive a pleasure. Even the heavy rain from Bangi to KL was nothing to complain about.

So---thats my activity today ! Tomorrow morning I have a photo-hunt appointment in Tasek Perdana ! Hooray again to normal life !


iRiSS said...

sir, next speed journey..


sunnysideup said...

where is that iriss?

sunnysideup said...

hey--is that Perlis ?

iRiSS said...

yea.. to the north.. nice view of paddy field..

sunnysideup said...

hmmmm....we'll see !

Angel said...

Johor eh :p

you could pay me some visit ;)

Hase' said...

Isn't it Johore is nearest to Equator? Therefore it's more hottier than the country towards North..