Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunset over KL

That was some experience. I have heard about the place but never really cared too much about it. When a
colleague told me about the Bukit Belachan , then and only then I decided to check out the place. I have had no regrets since. After checking out the route over the internet, I found it pretty easy to get there. With the Sunday traffic, it took me about 30-40 minutes from Setiawangsa. Not bad , considering everything else !

Anywas the drive up the hill already got me excited. It was so easy to be tempted tp stop at the first sight of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The adrenalin was just pumping full speed. But the lack of parking space stopped me. Going further up, I finally arrived at THE Look-out Point.

Surprisingly there are about 3-4 restaurants . One of them , by the name of Gasoline Alley (or something to that effect) seems to have chains of outlets from Time Sq to Shah Alam to Kuching !

Anyway it was only about 4.00pm. Gosh ! About two and a half hours to kill !

However , as it turned out----it was worth the wait.  Now I can picture clearly what is meant by 'panarama' or 'panaromic' view !Even the bright scene of the KL skyline was superb, but when the sun started to sink over the horizon --- it was breath-taking.

A picture is worth a thousand words ! So here are some !

The four stages as the sun sets !

The garden lights

Waiting for the sun !

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ph said...

What a spectacular sunset !!