Monday, May 3, 2010

My Sunday Morning hunt down Taman Tasik Perdana

After my tiring Saturday , I must have been crazy to even think of going for a photohunt on Sunday morning. But when you're obssessed, I guess nothing is crazy enough - just to satisfy your obssession !

So it was that morning. Sharp at 10.00am I was already having breakfast at one of the stalls in the park. And as luck would have it,  I didn't get to meet the gang till 11.00am ! But I won't go that way ! The main thing is we did get to meet after a lot of detouring as we could not pin-point exactly just where to meet.

I actually had never walked round this park, and  the three times that I visited the place was the bird park, the national monument and again the national monument during the dinasaur era !

The park is vast - I mean really vast ! Or maybe because we were walking in the hot sun , going up and down the slopes ( some pretty steep ones), and a distance of easily 5-6 kilometers ( am I exagerating gang ? - I thnk not !), it might have give the impression of size.But thw walk must have taken out at least 2 kg out of me - really !

Anyhow , we soon ended at the Butterfly Park. I was going to visit this place a few months ago, but the thought of dead butterflies being pinned on a backing plate in a showcase sort of turned me off !

Anyway this time around I had no choice but to follow the majority......and what a pleasant surpriseit turned out to be ! First, it only cost RM8 entrance fee, next, the butterflies are free. They were all flying about and the land-scaping is nice too. ....andif you're a photographer, then you have it made , as the butterflies - of various sizes, types and colours are everywhere .

Anyway -- other than the experience of the place, it was extremely good to see the gang again and catch with news of normal, new abd surprising development.

yes---it was a good are some of the photos.....



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anak si-hamid said...

It's a change - to see the photographers photographed.