Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't you hate it when .....

students sent in comments of excuses like this ! What happened to originality in giving excuses !

1st-no comment... diffclt 2 me 2 say...but..i'm 1 of ur studnt & sy belum hntr lg report...ia sepatutnya dihntar pd hari isnn,but sy tk dtng class coz demam. So,next day & 2,3 hari lps n tody, i'm lookni' 4 u, but tk i submit the report next week...
They never fail to add the line ...' I look for you but you were not there..."  . Many others were able to contact me personally, through phone-calls, through sms and e-mails !

So if you are seriously sick enough not to be able to come to college to submit an important project paper, please produce a valid medical certificate to substantiate your claim together with your report  and put them on my table with a formal letter explaining why you did not submit on time ! Then, I might not penalise you so seriously. 

I wrote this response in this blog in view that you chose to explain your case here.

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