Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Tuesday like no other Tuesdays !

Me and my Car-keys !

Went to work as usual this morning, with the usual rush and the the usual jam ! But my ususl day stopped there ! On reaching the car park, I had plenty of time as I was early. So the idle mind started working. I decided to have a look at the fuses of my car electronic system as the door auto-lock was not working.

Took my phone from the passenger's seat , pulled the bonnet release catch, held my car-keys but decided against taking it out its ignition position. Got out of the car, gave the door a good push and opened the bonnet. 

I opened the fuse lid cover and studied  the fuses one at a time. I decided to pullout one of the fuses and ....wallah ! I heard a familiar 'click' sound . Rushed to my car door - and true enough... all the doors locked itself --- with my car keys inside !!!!!!! 

There was really nothing to think about. I simply had to go home to get the spare key!  ...and this I did.

Walked out to the main road to stop a taxi........

Life and The World Cup 

Stopped a taxi , told the driver where I was going and sat back - just being calm about the whole incident. What happened next, I swear is the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth ! 

The taxi driver was an elderly Chinese gentleman. He started talking  to me, inspite of my temper-controlled mode I was in .  Let me put this in a dialogue form.

Driver : So the World Cup is here again ha. So fast .
Me: (not exactly a die-hard fan of soccer) Yeah---very soon.
Driver : Wah---soon many people will come to work late har !
Me: Yeah lah. What to  do! The games are all in the early morning.

Driver : You know ah ! 4 years ago when I watched the World Cup , after the finals ah, I said to myself......wah , another 4 years then got another World Cup. Don't know know whether still alive to watch or not ! But now ahhh, the World Cup is here again and I am still alive to watch it.
Now ah, I am thinking --- another 4 years more ...will I be alive  to watch the enxt World Cup !

Me : ( quite shocked and amused )..aiyahhh... don't think like that lah ! There are other people so much younger than you at the last World Cup --- but they may be dead now and cannot watch this WC.
 Driver: ( sounded more cheerful - I swear) Yeah ah...that is true ....
Me: How old are you by the way ?
Driver : I am 66 years old !
Me : (in a loud voice )..Haiyah ! you are still young lah !!! ( because I'm only a few years younger than him -- heheheh)

Thus all the way we talked about life, health, sports , (I was an all-rounder sports-man), games ( he was a regular basket-ball player ), health, life, health, life ...........................

Now this man....interestingly, measured everything in life (especially his ) on the World Cup.............. To me , he is the number one WC fan ! Wished I took a photo of him, or at least noted his taxi number.

When I reached home, before leaving him, I told him to take care of himself for the next two or even three World Cups sessions......................... 


[Mr Jigsaw] said...

the whole key situation made me laugh actually..(T_T)
who would've thought the World Cup is something to measure in life like that taxi driver eyh sir?? eheh

sunnysideup said...

hahahah....now I too can laugh about the 'key' episode....

That man is the ultimate soccer fan ! FIFA should give him a free passage to watch all the games !