Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Sunday Morning Walk !

Just got back from my morning photo-walk at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.  It was a beautiful morning ! Driving up the Ampang Elevated Highway, The clear day , free of any haze and the perfect visibility over Kuala Lumpur skyline left me no choice but to stop the car by the highway, took out my camera and snapped that rare sight !

Reaching the garden, there was the usual crowd but this time there were two locations where they putting up tents for wedding receptions. Apparently this place is becoming a popular place for such receptions. The aerobis sessions were on as usual.

Then it happened ! I saw a jet-trail in the sky. I went to a bench and had to lie down in order to snapped the scene. But what surprised me was that I was able to reproduce the image of the plane ( your heart out ! the ones at Changi Beach was nothing compared to these.) ,,,,I mean for a jet to produce that long trail. it must be at a certain height. Yes I was really pleased.

 tonight 'another one will bite the dust' !


anak si-hamid said...

You lucky, lucky devil! That plane and the jet trail is just amazing- and the moon too!!!!
You must be over the moon to get these. Congratulations.
You know, dragonflies are hard to catch on camera - but yours is fab.
I'm sure ph is turning green ha ha!!

ph said...

i agree with AsH about the plane, the moon, dragonflies But what's with photo number 6 ??

sunnysideup said...

like i is becoming popular for marriage functions. This one was being prepared for that night when I was there.