Thursday, June 10, 2010

This, definitely, is NOT a flash in the pan !

Yes--- my posting 'Pleasant...for a change' is definitely NOT a flash in the pan ! Again, those guys in the HR department of Swinburne University certainly walk the walk and talk the talk !!

I was told that a letter would be sent at the end of the week - which could be Friday right up to Sunday ! But here's the development in chronological order.

8th, June .....I made the call to them
9th. June student's sister called her to inform her of the coming offer letter
10th student received a call from the department informing her that the offer letter would be e-mailed to her
10th June ....Within minutes of that , my student informed me that she had received the offer letter

So, am I exaggerating when within two days, everything was settled !I just have to highlight this to show that it is possible !

All I can say is, kudos to the staff of this department. My encounter with them has been a breath of fresh air !!


iskandar khuzaimah said...
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sunnysideup said...

Do you mean we only meet once a month. We have classes twice a week for the whole of last semester ! What happened.? I don't sit and wait for students to submit their report late !