Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My poor homeless squirrels !

I just don't know what to say.

There is a lovely garden in front of my apartment. Trees and plants at close view from my balcony ! Often, I would be at the balcony with my camera to take photograps of birds, butterflies, caterpillars....and the many squirrels that crossed from one tree to another just by running on the thin intermingling branches. They are a joy to watch. Scampering all over the place with their own excitement. Whenever I threw bread crumbs for the birds, they would also join in the fracas for these food. You could find them under cars , nibbling something and scampering off again whenever they hear any noise.

This morning, the air was sliced by the ugly sound of chain-saws ! Outside , to my horror, a crane and about 10 workers were busy pruning the trees. My first thought was for those poor squirrels. Where would they go ???  Unfortunately, the pruning had to be done as there were cases of fallen branches on parked cars and so far no one had been injured. I guess it was a difficult decision but one hat had to be done.

Picture 1 - 7 -- home and playground of the squirrels !

Nothing much left for the aquirrels !


ph said...

oh no !!

sunnysideup said...

They're not chipmunks -- but I'll miss my Alvin. Hope thet'll return one day !

anak si-hamid said...

How awful. But these are tough resilient creatues. They will come back.