Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pleasant----for a change !

Yesterday I had to make a phone-call to the Human Resource Departmrnt of Swinburne University in Kuching as a reference to a student who will be doing her training at the marketing department of the University. It was a normal call and I was expecting it to be be another 'merry-go-round' call that often is the feature of local phone calls -- especially to a place you are unfamiliar with..

For one thing, I do not have a name that I could refer to , in that department. So it would be a case of explaining beyond the A to Z situation. To be honest ,I was expecting
  • having to explain the whole situation about a few thousand times to somebody I do not know -- 
  • and only to be told that I would have to speak to Mr/Ms Blah Blah Blah , 
  • or listen to an 'engaged tone' for years. 
  • or listen to a musical 'hold' tone foe ages, 
  • or being told Mr Blah  'is at a meeting', 
  • or being rudely told to call another time, 
  • or being told that the system is 'off-line
  • or a ringing tone for hours with nobody picking up the phone 
  • and the torment goes on and on 
Now that would be the general treatment you would get when you make call to companies (big or small) or Government departments..


Let me list  down my experience.

So yesterday, I was expecting any of the above or all of the above treatment .
  • The ring tone sctually rang only three times before a polite voice answered with clear information
  • she listened to my lengthy information of why I was making the call
  • she politely referred me to two other persons who were handling such case AND GIVING ME THEIR DIRECT PHONE NUMBERS !
  • she clearly explained to me me about the lunch time system of 12-1 and 1-2 and that she wasn't sure which lunch shift they were on
  • gave me advict to call after 2.00pm.
The information given was clear and precise. The tone was patient and polite. So after 2.00 pm I called the first name given.
  • it took only two ring tones before it was answered
  • nice and friendly greetings from the other end
  • I explained the situation
  • she told me she didn't have the application form after checking the name
  • she advised me to call the other person which was on my list.
  • again a direst line was given which I already have anyway !
So I made another call to the next person.....and I realised I wasn't even emotionally charged as I normally would because the whole situation was politely and meaningfully handled and with my full understanding. There was nothing to make me hot under my collar ! Anyway ...
  • again the phone was answered after 2 and a half ringtone.
  • This time a cheerful gentleman's voice answered.
  • I found out that he already knew half my purpose of calling so I did'nt really have to explain all again ( someone must have conveyed the info)
  • he promised to look into the situation and  asked me to call him again after a few minutes.( after taking my contact number!)
  • this I did and everything was cleared with a positive outcome without him trying to be so 'upperty' about the whole thing and with a promise that a letter would be sent to my student by end of the week----and I believe it will too.
  • I found out from my student later that she received a call from them almost immediately after the call.

That was a pleasant job to do and I dare say MOST of the companies and Government departments in Kuala Lumpur could learn a thing or two from these HR staff of this University. Oh , and of course (it might be not THAT important) all my conversation was in good English too, and the people I spoke to are all Malaysians !

And from what I heard of the working environment there, I know my student will get a good, effective and professional training there. I'm happy and glad for her !


Anonymous said...

such a really good service..
hopefully other companies could learn and practice this kind of service..

sunnysideup said...

Thanks anonymous...2.02pm.

My exact sentiment when I wrote this !

Helas木村 said...

yeah.. ur student will learn alot there.. hoperfully oneday in ur another call. ur students will answered ur call as a staff there =)

JoEtheL said...

Ahh...swinburne..yes.. one very good international college...
i have a friend who used to study there...and yes, quality is their importance...
i would say sarawak, seeing swineburne is like how we see lim kok wing or sunway college or any other 'expensive' college in kl.
ur student will, surely learn from the best..she's so lucky..all the best for her..

Hase' said...

wow! KLMU HR and the receptionist should read and learn how to practice this kind of things.Thumbs up to the stated university. On the other way, Joethel, (please don't take it negatively)from my point of view of the statement 'expensive' college, does not provenly give you this kind of tip top service, its depend on the management itself.