Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A victim of the country's "legal poison"

...that bloody msg that is. That bloody poison that is being freely and liberally used by all cooks and chefs alike in this country ! I have written on this when I suffered stomach pain which was caused by msg after eating at a hawker's stall.

Well I'm writing again because I became a victim again....and this time after having lunch in a hotel. I was attending a workshop organized by the college. Lunch was provided by the hotel and at that moment , I thought the food was good  (much to my regret later). That night I suffered terrible dizzy spell. 'Bad' was an understatement, because I became terrified . Was it a stroke ? Was it high blood pressure ( mine went up to 178 measured with an Omron instrument) or was it something new.  Aftyer 2 hours, which was about midnight,, my daughter, a medical officer at a hospital and who happened to be working that night , asked me to come in. My son drove me there straight to the Trauma Department.

There my daughter did some physical tests, then an ecg, then a blood test. Nothing points to any signs of a stroke, which was her major concern, Then I was wheeled in to do a CT Scan. Anxiously I waited for the results. Nothing . Which means good. So I went back home after a medication to ease my dizzy spell.

It was tough cause I can't move my head without the room spinning round like a CD. Anyway the next day I went to see the old family doctor. After giving him the background, immediately he said "msg". Don't eat in hotels he said. He further related to me how he was struck by the same dizzy spell ON REACHING THE CAR PARK EVEN BEFORE HE GOT HOME after a meal in a hotel at a medical convention. He diagonosed my ailment as vertigo.

Anyway what I'm saying is, when will the authority take some effective action on this poison that has been allowed to be used by cooks at various levels from the hawker to the hotels ?????? WHEN ?


anak si-hamid said...

Well,nobody will want to do anything about MSG because Malaysians' taste buds have been tuned to MSG and it has become very, very addictive.
Even if there's legislation, it is useless without supervision.

Hope you're feeling better.

P.S. ph sent her salam to Hot-Legs yesterday

Helas木村 said...

wah.. now the msg spread their LOVE to Hotel?? wow...

sheila said...

studid msg..huuuhu "angry mode"

Wan Sharif said...

Salam sunnysideup,
My family is addicted to msg..
It does not matter how many time I told my other half ..that ajinomoto is not good for health.. she would still buy the biggest packet there is.. now I do not bother to remind her anymore..
That would mean I can not welcome you to enjoy her laksam and nasi dagang.

sunnysideup said...

Thanks for the comments bro !
eerrr.... I'm only human and once in a while I do take excursions to the forbidden land.... What I'm saying is I'm always opened and still good for good HOME COOKED food ! heheheh