Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Singapore Chapter......The House of Cats (1)

On the morning of my last day , we visited the House of Cats which belonged to the Mother of one of the ladies.  Why do I call it the House of Cats ? Simply because of the 42 cats that are looked after . Now these cats are so cleaned , you do not smell anything foul as would be expected. You see, someone was hired just to bathe them, shampoo them, trim their nails and keep the general cleanliness.

When I stepped into the house, it was like a dream come true. Clean cats everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE ! the sink, in the waste paper basket, on the fridge, under and on the chairs, on the stove, ( I was told that one of them had its whiskers burned because it got too close to the stove fire !),

I just didn't know which one to focus on. Another photography haven ! I kept focussing from one cat to the other without snapping the camera simply because I didn't know which one to take  ! I could never ( except for a few) remember their names. From Garfield , Aisyah, Foxy, Daniel etc

Anyway enjoy the photos !



~HELAS~ said...

hah?? 42... its like a cat zoo already


wow... its not Singapore . it is Kucingpore pla.. hehe

ph said...

How about Kucingpura instead of Singapura ?

Uncle Harry will not be pleased if he hears this :)

~HELAS~ said...

hehe.... its danger to keep 42 singa in a house (^_^)

anak si-hamid said...

Grumpy Garfield at 7 and 8 is one of my top 10

sicKo^ said...

banyaknya kucing.. btul2 animal lover nih..

iRiSS said...

wow.. is like SPCA..

ph said...

No, it's not SPCA, it's Cats Villa :)