Monday, November 9, 2009

The Singapore Chapter-----interlude

What a strange coincidence ! While I was making a trip to the southern island, a friend was making a trip to Kuantan ! And on Sunday evening, while making my journey back to KL, in the evening, it was also likewise for this friend.

Why do I bring this up ? Well , its all about communication. I am using a post-paid Maxis account. Now as soon as I crossed the second link to Singapore, my signal bar went zero. No signal ! No communication! I would expect an operator like Maxis would have auto-roaming so I didn't confirm with them before my trip !


I had to use my sister's sim-card and even then there wasn't mms services  . I COULD ONLY SEND SMS ONLY. PICTURES SENT BY MY FRIEND TOO COULD NOT BE RECEIVED BUT I WAS ASKED TO REFER TO THE INTERNET. Finally I tried to get someone in KL to call Maxis to rectify the situation .... and they say nothing can be done as I am outside Malaysia.  I was so exasperated that I told my friend not to waste her money and to just stick to sms only as its pointless to send any mms..

So, for all that inconvenience.....thank you Maxis....FOR BLOODY NOTHING !!!

Preview of thing  to come .

 A jacuzzi in the back garden ?

me...relaxing in the garden.

Look out for the posting on this and're never going to believe these !

................there'll be more...more....more.


HELAS said...

oww. ok now i know why my message failed last week.. no signal pla.. haiz.. by da way.. where is the location for the picture above..??

sunnysideup said...

helas...everything will be revealed...soooon....ehheheheh

HELAS said...

ow ok... hehe..... just bring it hehehe

sicKo^ said...

wow.. jacuzzi in the back garden.. so do u have a nice bath there?

sunnysideup said...

wait for the posting sicko on this ..hehehe