Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Singapore Chapter.... Ruk's

After a day of travelling, we were scheduled to be at Ruk's ( who, like all the ladies in my posting, was a student of ASH)  for a shower and a short rest before the dinner. Now I have heard so much about this house but I simply could not imagine as I don't believe there were photographs that I could refer to.

So when the MPV arrived at the house, I had forgotton all about the uniqueness of this place. Its a terraced house and a garden in front and the back-yard.

But as soon as I entered the compound, I was dumb-struck. With my back-pack still on my back, and a travelling bag in my hand, I just dropped everything and stood in awe, took out my camera and was shooting away.

To my right , was a gazebo beautifully decorated and really , this place would put Naili's Sentul of KL to shame.  To enter the house , you walk on 4 or 5 slabs of pavement bridge over a small pond of a few really big Japanese Carps ( I think thats what they are !)

The Gazebo

 another view

Entrance to the house.

Anyway, stepping into the house is another experience for me. I'm hopeless at describing and only photograps can actually show what I want to write. The sitting room was devoid of any settees and chairs . The paintings, the ornaments , the decor, the plants , the dining table ....in short, the atmosphere created was , to me at least, mystical and alluring.

I could not stop moving round the house. Everywhere I look, I see a potentially good subject. I told them that it would take a week to finish photographing everything that has potential. Its a photographer's haven , to me !

Here are some more photos.

the living room..

..another side of the room...



The long dining table...

the back-yard

..relaxing ....

me and my sis, ASH


So there, these are just some of the photos taken from Ruk's house.


~HELAS~ said...

a terrace house can fit a gazebo?? i think i'm goin to design a gazebo also at my my house.. coz also terrace house hehe..

and also the jacuzzi.. all that fit in the terrace house?? so big oooo...

about the internal.. wow.. as u said so mysterious.. if no electricity or balck out , for sure the house become more n more.... romantic hehe

ruqxana said...

Thank you for the kind words. :)

Glad you enjoyed your stay in Singapore.

Does this mean I am expecting a school bus from KL, in the near future, in front of my house!!! ;)


sunnysideup said...


heheheheh....don't tempt fate ! may well happen . hahah

Anonymous said...

Pictures that capture the house beautifully. thank you, bekoo

anak si-hamid said...

I think all of my girls are gorgeous but mad.

sunnysideup said...

anak si-hamid

Agreed. I caught glimpses of it .... but 'mad' is good !