Friday, November 13, 2009

The Singapore Chapter .... Deja Vu .....Mana / Foxy

Before coming to the House of Cats, I heard about a particular white cat who is a twin of my beloved Mana.  Words could not describe my feeling when I look at Foxy (that's the name). I choked and even more when I felt the fur. It was soft , long and smooth.....JUST LIKE MANA'S !.The fore-head, the eyes, the expression , well just about everything, except , it wasn't Mana.

Foxy was in the cage and according to the owner, it doesn't like to be outside and doesn't like to be carried.




Anyway, just before I went back, after cleaning myself off all the furs, I went in the room to see Foxy who was still in the cage although the door was never shut. I rubbed its head and talked to her and I admit I was feeling a little emotional. After saying 'bye-bye', Foxy got up and walked out of the cage  to get to me. I gave her a little rub and gently pushed her back into the cage. As soon as I released her, she came out of the cage again.
At that moment, it was like a bolt of lightning had struck me ! I felt I've been through this before. That the whole scene had happened before. And it did and had. I have written about this in an old posting on Mana's last day and how I spent Mana's last night together in the hospital and how he struggled out of the cage ...TWICE, to get to me . The whole event is happening again.

I took Foxy in my arms and hugged her and it was almost like hugging Mana all over again ! Weird ! Strange ! Ridiculous ! I don't care how or what you feel ..... but to me, for that brief period of time, I had Mana in my arms again !Believe it or not.

The owner was shocked as Foxy NEVER like to be carried !


anak si-hamid said...

There is a reason for everything under heaven. I think it's just Mana coming back to make you feel better and to let you know he's still around. LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

It was worth the trip to Singapore just for that experience, wasn't it?

sunnysideup said...

anak si-hamid

Absolutely ! To feel that softness again ! It was quite electrifying really. I felt like a channel connect me to Foxy. hiiissshhh...

~HELAS~ said...

waaaaa... exactly like mana... glad u can feel the feelings before this within u and beloved Mana...

ph said...

i feel both sad and happy reading this posting.

Anyway Sunnysidesup, i was told that Foxy likes to beat up the other cats, he's a sumseng.

sunnysideup said...

a very unassuming bully ! Yey ! Foxy...way to go !