Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Singapore Chapter ... my late Abah and Akim's grave.

One of the reasons to be here in Singapore is to visit my late father and brother's grave.  Last year, the authority exhumed the old cemetery and moved to a new place for obvious reasons.... the need for the land and to consolidate those who have departed for 20 years or so.

When they did the exhumation last year I could not go but ASH was there to witness the move and she posted something on this in her blog.

Approaching the cemetery, I could not understand my own feeling. I was calm and collected. I did not feel any moving emotion and I asked myself whether I should ! Maybe over the years I have learned to keep my feeling and prayers for them within me and thus, i was seemingly emotionless.

However, when I did get to the plot , I did feel stirred. Memories of them came rushing through my mind But I got it pretty much under control..Anyway, in their attempt to save space, the authority has arranged so that , in each normal size of new plot, it  is actually shared by  8 former plots from the old cemetery

No. 7 is my dear late Abah and no. 8 my late brother.



sicKo^ said...

it's sure a weird thing if 5 or 6 different families visit one cemetery at the same time.
Al-fatihah to ur late dad and brother..

Helas(^o^)\m/ said...

Al-Fatihah.. may god keep both of them in peacefull place

sunnysideup said...

Thank you sicko and helas.
I was thinking of that too sicko....especially on Hari Rayas.

ph said...

Al-Fatihah to your late father and late Akim.

Here, the authority relocate you even when you're still breathing.

sunnysideup said...

I like that---relocating you you even when you're breathing. Do you have to pay for the air that you breathe ?

ph said...

i am sure we are paying, they do it discreetly.

Bayar and bayar, sounds familiar ?