Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Singapore Chapter ....Pasir Panjang English Primary School

Yes ... my primary school. In fact all my three siblings studied here. Its an old  U-shaped building made of good strong wood, asbestos sheet and old styled roofing tiles. Its got one of the best location - at a foothill with a big field and lots of big Flame of The Forest Trees.

I discovered that its no longer a school but has become a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and run by a Church organization.

ASH and I took a walk through the main gate and familiar yard. After all this time nothing much has changed. The big trees were still there !! The garden, the shade. Standing there , I could picture kids in the light blue shirt or blouse and their dark blue pants or pinafore. The beautiful field is still there with their deep green grass. I was so glad that they had preserved that and had not build condominiums or mansion.

The not-so-shady-but-still-standing tree and that beautiful field in the background.

We walked to what used to be the 'tuck-shop' ( a word rarely used now) or canteen ( the widely-used term now). There are long tables, a pool table and some settees. I gathered it is the recreational area for the inmates now. ( Oh by the way , they were kind enough to give us permission to walk about the place. )

There were few inmates there and they were friendly to us. I walked over to the square where the badminton courts were and still are. Stood there and remembered the daily assemblies, the badminton games and the gatherings before school started.

No ! I wasn't praying. I was actually taking photograph.

Went to the stairs case and the wood were still the original. Yes indeed, they don't make them like they used to anymore. I hope and pray that this building will remain and be a heritage treasure for future generation.

The canteen and now their recreation area.

From the gate.

The court yard . Its still a badminton court .

From the ground level to show its grandeur !

(Whatever it is now, it will always be PPEPS to me ! and I thank the management for keeping it in its present pristine condition !)


Helas(^o^)\m/ said...

ow my God.. until primary school's memory u goin hunt there?? how sweet remind back all the past things during primary school.. all the greetings for the teacher everyday eg

"Goooood Moooorning, Teacherrrr".. all in long version hehe.. before that class monitor will said "All stand up".. after the bell ringing then said "Thaaaaankkkk youuuuuu , teacherrrrr.." how sweet that time =-)

and about the building.. i hope also it will become an heritage, who knows i got chance to visit Singapore 1 day.. and i wish i could (^_^)

Aying said...

hey it the same as my primary school too (the material used to build it not the design)....

but most thing i remembered bout it is, whenever our class made a line/queue up, i always be at the front (mmm maybe becoz i'm the shortest one) ....hahahha....and this scenario continued till i'm form 5....

anak si-hamid said...

Thanks for the happy nostalgic write-up. It was the bestest school of our life, wasn't it? All of us kids - Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians including that mad English kid Howard the Coward were colour blind. What a wonderful school and it should be preserved as a Singapore heritage.

sunnysideup said...

til you're in form 5 ?....oooppss sorrrrreeee !

anak si-hamid
age of innocence spent in the best place ever. Yes we were all (well I still am as you still are ) colour-blind.

Look at the list of my good friends... Archutan Choi, Tan Eng Hin, Kow Boo Chew, Mabel Lai, Betty, Jeevan, Leo etc. And we were the best of buddies.

I guess we are because we were.

Aying said...


i knew how it sound, in fact, in my family between all male siblings, i'm the shorter one also...

sebab tu la org slalu tertukar mana satu adik, mana satu abg bila kluar ngan all my younger bro...hahahahaha

sunnysideup said...

Oh yes....howard the coward. I wonder whatever becomes of him ? He was one crazy dude. Roaming about with us asian kids without our shirts and he was bare-footed ! He was so untidy and definitely dirtier and messier than us.

sunnysideup said...

hey ! Thanks aying for being such a sport, sport !

Anonymous said...

hi Safiee former student PPEPS... frens Irwan, Najib Fadzil Haneef etc.. miss the school